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Necropathy- The Unborn Malignancy


Mind blowers Necropathy released a new song on Christmas, and wow…yeah that’s all I have to say.  If you imagine Brain Drill, Necrophagist and Viraemia had a child out of wedlock Necropathy would be the result of that wild evening.  Yeah….so let’s get down to business.  It’s a blistering band with such sweet guitar work from Ollie and Jordan.  There’s momentary lapes of consistent groove, but with their wild guitar scales and licks it still bangs really hard.  Marcel’s drumming is absolutely outstanding, bringing this band to a whole new level (PANTERA STYLE SUCKAS!).


Vocals – Mac Smith (USA)
Guitar/Bass – Ollie Morgan (AU)
Guitar – Jordan Dearsley (AU)
NS Stick – Darren Joy (AU)

Mac Smith’s vocals are absolutely wild… they’re not consistent but his range of lows to highs is astonishing.  This band is on crack, for sure.  Their energy is never-ending, and I really dig this band.  The future of Necropathy is very promising, just based on this first song I heard.  “The Unborn Malignancy” is a well written, over the top and heavy song that’ll keep your ears very satisfied if your a technical death metal freak.  Pay attention to this project, as you won’t be disappointed if this is a great sign of things to come from these technicalmen.

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