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The Astral Cadence- Paradigm


The Astral Cadence released “Paradigm” during this past fall in September.  They’re an instrumental progressive metal band with ambient influences.  The trio has a great sound that a lot of these instrumental prog bands generally nail…..great atmosphere and melody.  “Paradigm” is a great representation of the diversity of the band that branches out to several realms of the music world.  They really write music from their heart, and it shows.  The guitar melodies really, really soar for The Astral Cadence.


Sean Washington – Guitars
Dennis Lars Torrent – Bass
Bill Angelini – Drums
The nasty grooves that Bill and Dennis lay down make it easier for Sean on guitar to do his thing on his end that help expand their songs even more.  The trio flawlessly transitions from section to section, helping paint a great picture for the band’s listeners.  The Astral Cadence is a very welcome addition to the ever so growing instrumental progressive metal movement.  The band also got the opportunity to open up for Angel Vivaldi in November on his “Guitar Collective” Tour in November.  Also on that tour is Nita Strauss and Jacky Vincent.  Stay up to date with what the guys are doing as this is only the start of many great things to come.

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