April Artist/Band of the month is…..Angel Vivaldi!

Angel’s guitar playing  caught me when I discovered his freakish talent years ago with the above my favorite song of his……ironically being the first song I heard from Vivaldi was “..”.  A younger version was more of a shredder in my very biased opinion…..I believe the older he’s become he’s relied on melody, groove and transitions.  The instrumental genre isn’t the easiest to convey emotions and themes without the commercial idea of a vocalist. In return, I think it’s a lot tougher to go with a theme or idea without lyrics and I think AV has tastefully and masterfully done so in his latest release Synapse.  Serotonin is a good example of a toned back version of Angel yet still mind-blowing.


I think he’s one of the better guitarists in general right now in the instrumentalist genre.  Angel not only has a hilarious personality but is equally as caring.  He’s done multiple events to benefit all sorts of people one example when he teamed up with Chris Letchford (Scale The Summit) and played guitar live raising money for ALS with sponsors donating gear and goodies.


Yes…..that’s seriously a roadie smoothing out his fingernails at a show while he continues to play……Again, he is quite a personality.

It’s quite a turnaround from a progressive rock band in Turning Virtue to someone who writes instrumental music based around his playing. It is good to be diverse and in our monthly featured artist or band want to choose something different. Especially someone who may not have gotten the most press or is still new TMR wants to promote the greatest music we possibly can.

April begins with an A……so does Angel’s name.  There is honestly no correlation with that coincidence.  Expect a ton of Angel throughout April at TMR. Enjoy the music.







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