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Crevassian- Self Titled EP


Thanks to the mighty Gear Gods  for posting a bass playthrough of one of Crevassian’s songs, and because of that I have yet discovered another nutty band.  The chaps are an instrumental metal band with a modern sound to their wide and glorious sound.  Yes, they djent and ride that 7th or 8th string sometimes.  They’re a very atmospheric and melodic band that keeps you interested from the get go.  Crevassian isn’t necessarily technical, but very focused on layering their songs really well with some keyboards and synth too that also give them a majestic and epic sound.

James Humphries – Rhythm Guitar
Nick Povey – Drums
Luke Fabian – Bass
Cody Gaffney – Lead Guitar
The guitar work is absolutely fucking perfect, I can’t stress it enough.  Crevassian deserves much more credit and attention that they’ve received and are awfully impressive.  Nick holds down the fort with some sweet pocket rhythms, but still gets chances to play some sweet fills here and there.  Luke’s bass playing is shown above in the link, but damn he is full of musical flavor on that beast of his.  Check out Crevassian’s latest self titled EP which was just released on December 7th if you’re into instrumental music.  It fucking slams! TMR approved a million percent!

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