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Unbowed- Through Endless Tides


Unbowed is a blackened death metal band that supported First Fragment on their recent Fall/Early Winter tour across Canada and wow did I really enjoy them. The band released their latest album “Through Endless Tides” last year in 2017.  They are a no nonsense extreme metal band, with some modern influences here and there but mainly a black/death metal band.  There are also some great guitar melodies, that help diversify their sound.


Ioan Tetlow – Vocals
Alex Snape – Guitar
Steven Rowlands – Guitar
Aiden Watkinson – Bass
Julian Dutton – Drums
Alex and Steven’s chemistry on guitar is absolutely sweet.  It’s very tasteful, melodic and pretty well organized.  Unbowed is a true force to be reckoned with and will only keep elevating themselves in the metal community for years to come if they keep getting quality opportunities such as this tour they were just on.
I have had “Through Endless Tides” on repeat since the show on the 2nd.  If you love Behemoth and Immortal with some melody, these guys will do it.  Oh, and their stage presence is obnoxious.  Can I say anything more about them? The album is great, and their show is even better! Unbowed really throws down and if you’re not familiar with them you need to change that ASAP! Ioan’s stage presence and wide variety of growls enhances the band along with their variety of cinematic, symphonic, keyboard and string sounds in a lot of their songs.
Unbowed was planted on this earth to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and haven’t failed in doing so.  Whatever they may be working on is probably as good as “Through Endless Tides” but shit I have a hard time putting this album down.  These guys have the TMR stamp of approval! Canada has so many great and diverse metal bands that Unbowed is another living proof of that for sure.
And here’s one of my favorites….Mountaincarver! A diverse, proggy epic that never loosens its grip! \m/

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