Nomera- Holos



Instrumental Prog Metal Band Nomera has an album out called “Holos” and it’s a very good one, to say the least.  There’s so many solid instrumental bands with unique sounds (some sound a bit repetitive or dull but you get that in every genre really) but Nomera really hammers that point home.  They aren’t overly technical or flashy players, but instead very focused on rhythm and transitions.  There’s occasional keyboard and synthesizer tracks that make some of their sections very moody and create the perfect emotion.

 David Hernández (drums)
Aleksey Stepanov “John Base” (bass)
Vicente Roca (guitar)
Jose Jurado (guitar)
Their attack is very melodic and very heavy sometimes as well.  The band’s prog moments outshine their metal side as much and truly shows their diversity, proving they have many tricks up their sleeve.  Nomera is a new band to look out for and keep an eye on without a doubt.  I’m not sure if they have any shows coming up but you will have to keep an eye on that if you live in Spain! Grab their EP on their bandcamp website listed above.

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