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Samuli Federley- Lifestream


Instrumental Prog guitarist Samuli Federley released “Lifestream” July 20th through Inverse Records.  I am so glad I checked this out.  Anyone that is into melodic, experimental guitarists that don’t overdo it and create great soundscapes (IE Graham Young).  Federley also seems to have a flair for the dramatic and a movie like score at moments in his songs.  His songs are really unique and not just your average shred-a-thon from guitarist virtuoso style albums.  You can check out the song “Guitar kungfu” from the album right below.


Its very cool to see more guitarists think outside of the box and really put forward a total work of art visually AND musically.  I think Samuli did a great job creating that soundscape and background that compliments his guitar leads that give that movie-like cinematic style that tends to pop up occasionally.  This guy is a really cool guitarist and should totally check out his music when you get a chance.  He has played across Europe and Asia.  Federley has also played shows with Steve Vai and Michael Monroe as well!

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