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Burial In The Sky is September’s Artist Of The Month!

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That’s right people! Psychedelic Prog Deathers BURIAL IN THE SKY are my featured band  for September of 2018! Why? Because they’re DIFFERENT! Having a little bit of talent helps, too.  I love the fact they recruited Zach as their bassist and sexy saxophone man.  He gained extra metal credentials for smoothly shredding sax on the proggy Rivers Nihil masterpiece released earlier this year “Where Owls Know My Name”.  Oh, and Brody from Rivers of Nihil had a guitar solo on the title track of BIT’S 2018 album “Creation Et Hominus”.

Burial In The Sky:

James Tomedi – Guitar

Zach Strouse – Bass/Saxophone

Sam Stewart – Drums

The band released one of 2018’s cooler albums “Create Et Hominus” a few months ago(you can check out more information on the album and the band in my interview.) One of the highlights is James’ smooth, silky and melodic guitar playing.  I love how the band nods to a classic time period for trippy classic rock and MAKES IT WORK.  BITS is not a one trick pony and have consistently proved it since the bands inception.


Smaller or independent bands have harder times reaching new fans and networking other bands.  My goal is featuring said bands monthly, hoping to show new music to my website’s followers and also hoping the return the favor talking about them to others by buying their music and merchandise!  Burial In The Sky also works their asses off as stereotypical Average Joes and not a band that tours 9-10 months of the year.  They have heavily promoted “Creatio Et Hominus” with at least 10-15 shows or maybe even more since its June release. I hope my followers enjoy Burial In The Sky as much as I do! Buy their shit!


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