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Quasi Stellar Radio Source- I


Quasi-Stellar Radio Source released their debut EP “I” in May.  The band is a Cinematic Progressive Rock band with layered songs.  The Italians seem to focus on layering songs, transitions, mood and melody.  Don’t expect blast beats, growls and crazy speed surpassing 200 BPM.  QSRS is an atmospheric and melodic experience that would make Tesseract and Earthside fans happy.  You can check out “I” at the link below.


“I” Track Listing

01. Your Dream Died in Vain

02. I Made You Fall


04. Rise Again

05. To Vow


Quasi-Stellar Radio Source

Adam Langley – Vocals

Stefano Zamburlini – Guitar

Dom Vitali – Guitar

Ruggero Accardo – Bass & Keyboards

Mattia Basi – Drums & Keyboards


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