Dizzy Mystics release single “Diamond Duller”


Canadian Psychedelic Prog Rock band Dizzy Mystics have released “Diamond Duller” a single from their debut album “The Wanderlost”.  The quartet has crafted a psychedelic and progressive sound upon many others including melodic hard rock and funk.  The band takes you through a heavy and psychedelic trip on their latest single.

The Wanderlost Track Listing:
1. Letter (4:42)
2. Shindigjig (4:43)
3. Fallasophy (5:02)
4. The Frequent See, Consistent Seas (2:50)
5. The Anti-Dream (5:09)
6. The Scythe Pendulum Swing (7:33)
7. Diamond Duller (4:56)
8. Jaunter (5:26)
9. Rester (Analog Chameleon) (5:01)
10. Wanderlost (11:09)

Recording Line Up:
Kyle Halldorson (all vocals, guitars, bass, mandolin, assorted percussion, lyrics, music, songwriter)
Aaron Edgar (all drums)
Gerrit Delaquis, Kelsey Halldorson, Paula DaCosta (guest vocals on track 07-Diamond Duller)

Live Line Up:
Kyle Halldorson (lead vocals, guitars & mandolin)
Alexandre Joyal (guitars & backup vocals)
Aaron Bacon (bass & backup vocals)
Jeff Laird (drums &  backup vocals)


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