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Burial In The Sky- Creatio Et Hominus



Burial In The Sky is set to release it’s second full length Creatio Et Hominus on June 1st.  The band is one of many great modern day experimental progressive death metal bands, with a huge twist…..not to mention other great experimentalists Coma Cluster Void (here’s the interview I did with them recently), the legendary Gorguts (earlier on they were straightforward classic death metal then around “From Wisdom To Hate” Lemay experimented a lot more with dissonance as well something all these bands also have in common) and also the mighty Rivers Of Nihil (a link to my review of possibly the best album of 2018) who added saxophone and more psychedelic elements to their sound.

What makes Burial In The Sky so damn great is not just their technicality and musicianship but the willingness to experiment.  Their debut full length “Persistence Of Thought” had some clean guitar and progressive metal moments, but was still very heavy.  I prefer Creatio Et Hominus in the sense its more unusual and experimental, as it still also packs one hell of a punch.  Band leader James Tomedi is a prolific guitarist who is getting better not songwriting wise but how to layer tracks.  His ear is absolutely phenomenal. Tomedi is not necessarily playing for speed, but throughout the album there’s a lot of cool fills that make it tastier than a greasy pizza when you’re hungry! There’s a lot more dissonance, synth and also saxophone added to their second full length courtesy of Zach Strouse who’s also the band’s bass player that jammed the sax on the Rivers of Nihil 2018 release “Where Owls Know My Name”.  I know Strouse has to be sick of being mentioned as a big player of Owls, but damn he can play a tight bass too.  His saxophone lines add a lot more obscurity and beauty to an odd genre.

Drummer Sam Stewart is a fucking wizard on the kit! Not only can he blast away and hold a good rhythm but can fool you with his efficient rhythms on clean sections.  I think this band is another one of the experimental death metal bands that is in a genre that is here to stay and hope it gets great artists like Burial In The Sky great attention and opportunity.  If it were up to me, I would have landed these guys on Summer’s Laughter (all that’s attractive on this failing extreme tour is BTBAM, Soreption and Allageon let’s be honest) also knowing Born of Osiris and Veil of Maya have been on this tour repeatedly assuming they were added to help keep ticket sales at a somewhat decent number.

Jorel Hart (ex Cognitive) adds such a great intensity as a vocalist to an already heavy band. Their former vocalist Jimmy Murphy was the man behind the mic for the track “Tesla”.  I am going out saying this is a top 10 album of the year even with Obscura and Beyond Creation putting out albums this year.  Hart’s gutturals keep the band’s heaviness at a high point reminding everyone they aren’t going against their roots.

The band partnered up with Metal Injection to stream Creatio Et Hominus and can be listened to right here. You’re going to want to buy this one folks…’s a musician’s dream for the open minded ones at least.  I think you can guess that this album will make my best of 2018 list, if you’re thinking that far ahead.


Creatio et Hominus Tracklisting
1. Nexus
2. Tesla  *All vocals by ex-vocalist Jimmy Murphy
3. Nautilus’ Cage
4. The Pivotal Flame
5. Psalms Of The Deviant
6. 5 Years
7. Creatio et Hominus (Ft. a guest solo from Brody Uttley of Rivers Of Nihil)

Burial In The Sky – Creatio et Hominus Line-up
James Tomedi – Guitars, Slide, Keys, Mandolin, Kalimba
Zach Strouse – Bass Guitar, Sax (All Sax playing on the new Rivers Of Nihil)
Sam Stewart – Drums, Piano
Jorel Hart – Vocals (ex-Cognitive, live bass for Wormhole)
Jimmy Murphy – Vocals on Tesla (only)

Burial In The Sky band photo_preview

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