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Divinex- June Artist Of The Month!


Divinex is the website’s June featured Band of the month! I have loved this band since they graced me with their presence opening up for CHON at the now defunct Waiting Room in Buffalo.  If you’re on a bill with CHON, it’s pretty damn impressive. The Rochester instrumental trio has earned their way throughout Western New York on many good bills and have recently gotten outside of the area playing many shows between New Jersey, Pennsylvania and other surrounding areas on the east coast.

The boys have gotten better throughout time with their writing….their debut EP “Movements” was absolutely amazing and very shredtacular. Event Horizon is a memorable song with so much melody and rhythm in its 15+ minute existence.  Their first full length “Create Affect Repeat” went against that although it has tons of melody and upped the use of electronics and ambience.  The guys wrote a great melodic album with great guitar duals, and is quite a step up for their impressive debut EP.

Oh, did I forget to say they opened up for Angel Vivaldi a couple times? That same shredder also played a guitar solo on their song “Collide” from “Create Affect Repeat” as well. The album’s artwork is pretty kick ass, as well! The Rochester boys have a very built up arsenal of talent and impressive pedigree so far in the band’s existence.  To boot, I’ve been to a handful if not close to 10ish shows so far of theirs not only are they great live but very cool dudes to boot…’s always good to talk to the band at the shows I’ve been to.  They have represented Western New York very well and continue to do so.

I really, really love Divinex I don’t hide it. They are equally as good as the modern day legends Animals As Leaders.  It’s great to see more instrumental bands, and great ones at that.  I’ve been very keen on that movement, some bands better than others and not every instrumental band sounds the same.  Divinex sticks out among many of their instrumental peers in the genre. I think the sky is the limit for the guys and look forward to the band’s future. You will be hearing a lot about the band all month, so prepare yourselves!


Jay – Guitar / Background Elements
Jon – Guitar
Pat – Drums



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