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Woechanter is a blackened death metal project by Morgan Rider (Vocalist/Bassist of Vesperia).  Rider recently released the 4 song demo, and holy shit is it a banger.  Vesperia in comparison is a melodic and progressive death metal band.  Woechanter however, is more straightforward extreme metal.  It has some cool vocal choirs and acoustic guitars in the background that also give it a slightly folk metal sound at times.

It’s a very dark, groovy and melancholic trip through the 4 song effort. You can check out the 4 songs right here.


Woechanter is a furious and heavy project that has no boundaries.  It has a shit ton of groove to it, as well. I’m excited too see what’s next for Woechanter.

Woechanter’s biography states:

“WOECHANTER’s story began on a stormy winter night during January of 2017. The months of crushing cold and darkness provided ample atmosphere for the first song to be crafted. Canadian multi-instrumentalist and VESPERIA frontman Morgan Rider began to shape in those months of legendary Canadian winter what would become the first few steps of Canada’s newest extreme metal band.

As the world’s distances have shrunken in the wake of modern technology, quick was the coming of the band’s second collaborator: A German guitarist who prefers his anonymity while this project remains in session.

So will the first steps of this group be taken, so will the tread quicken pace and so will the chants and laments of this era be borne upon the primal flow of our utterings. Woechanter is a vicious display of death, black and doom metal blended without hindrance for modern trends or expectation.”


I’d say that’s pretty fucking accurate. Follow the band at their Facebook link right below here. Hails!

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