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Axios- Erased



Chicago progressive rock quintet Axios has recently released their full length album “Erased”. It’s a very cool thing to occasionally see progressive and experimental bands focus on the song and soundscape, not always the odd timings and technicality as much as I love my face always being melted.  They have a great somber and meaningful tone….every song is a totally different trip.  Nothing sounds the same, and some growls here and there as well! There’s beautiful soaring melodies throughout “Erased” and also some chunky riffs that compliment the constant mood changes.

Axios is:

Jake Mikolas – Guitar/Vocals
Ashley Tracey – Keys/Vocals
Kevin Coppola – Drums/Vocals
Blake Schwarz – Guitar/Vocals
Jake La Bahn – Bass/Vocals


The band focuses on layering their tracks, but not going overboard……it’s very tasteful music with all sorts of vocal harmonies between the members.  It’s far from dry and uninspired…..the rhythm section is held down damn nicely between Jake and Kevin.  Its hard to believe they’re very new (2016 mind you) as the sound of Axios is very mature in it’s infancy and sound like seasoned veterans.  There’s plenty of diversity in Axios for any prog fan from melancholy tones (Steven Wilson) to keyboard/synth layers and some bright melodies (Dream Theater/Rush) and some heaviness at times (Mastodon level heaviness).  Proggers of all backgrounds and ages can appreciate the hard work of Axios and is a good start for an introduction for people not familiar with the genre.


You can buy the album “Erased” online digitally or physically through many outlets.





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