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Infinitee- The Possibilities Are Endless



Infinitee is an instrumental project by Tres Thomas of Tales Of The Tomb.  This is a project that is very melodic and heavy.  There’s a great use of electronics that enhances his experimental nature and further adds to the originality.  What I love as a guitar player is how he doesn’t care about speed….it’s great to play fast leads and melodies sometimes but he has a great niche of finding solid melody without wanting to play at 1,000 BPM.

What makes Thomas’ debut solo album a great offering is his combination of a wide range of influence……lots of ambience and electronics that again break up an ocassionally repetitive genre at times.  Thomas stated that he has a 2nd album demoed and music for a third album before Infinitee’s debut actually is officially released!

I’m so glad I do what I do to discover new music and artists I never heard of this is another instance that is one of at least 15 to 20 times since I started this site in February (wow almost 3 months old!). I’m so lucky to get so many album releases of the genres I mainly cover of many bands and in return preorder them helping support these artists (just like I did yesterday when I only heard one song!). Tres Thomas’ album really resonated with me, and I hope it does with the general public. I have no problem pushing a well crafted album and that is what was accomplished here.   “The Possibilities Are Endless” is officially being released this Friday April 20th.  You can preorder the album through the band camp website and on iTunes as well.


The Possibilities Are Endless

Track Listing:
1. Xenocybin (3:24)
2, Lost (3:23)
3. Robots vs. The Wooden Chairs Pt.1 (3:39)
4. Robots vs. The Wooden Chairs Pt.2 (5:00)
5. The Possibilities Are Endless (3:59)
6. Free (4:41)

Youtube: Infinitee

Robots Vs. The Wooden Chairs Pt. 1 Playthrough

Free Playthrough







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