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Who Do You Sound Like? What’s Your Genre?



Warning: rant ahead. For your information, you may want to take the detour if not interested.

Two big pet peeves of mine as an artist/promoter/blogger/music enthusiast…….or maybe for many bands and artists out there as well. The true artists who aren’t trying to be someone else, are actually trying to write their own music and develop a brand and their own style the best they can.  I try to stray away from labeling but it’s also tough when you’re trying to categorize a band.

Generally when you think of Progressive Death Metal…..there’s possible mixtures of classic rock, death metal, classic prog rock…..maybe even some jazz and big instrumental breaks as well and possible full length instrumentals.  It must be technical, right? Not everyone wants to be obnoxious as Archspire or Beyond Creation but there’s also the emotional side of the genre like Steven Wilson or the mighty Pink Floyd that add the “spacey” element to the genre as well.

How would you describe yourself or your sound? Well…..how about you listen to the MUSIC?!?! Isn’t that an ingenious idea? Considering the modern age has many sources to listen to a band or artist that could answer some of your categorizing questions. To be honest I was pretty guilty of this in the past, but am trying my best to break that trend. Trying to sound like someone else is of poser status, and toolshed status as well. Originality is pretty dead these days but its nice when you run into some because its a lost art.

There’s so many subgeneres and even new genres it just gets a bit ridiculous more and more every time another new one is created or founded. I bet you there has to be an atmospheric progressive neoclassical symphonic death metal band out there somewhere! Honestly some of those descriptions kinda blend in with each other now that I think about it.  Genre classification is nucking futs and so are elitists.  Stop confusing more people by mixing so many genres and stick to your guns for fuck’s sake. I love that people are blending more sounds and experimenting we need that. I hate when non-artistic people ask you these two annoying questions about yourself/your band or what a band sounds like. JUST LISTEN TO THE MUSIC AND DECIDE FOR YOURSELF. Or maybe if the logo is unreadable then you definitely know it’s a form of death metal.




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    • Word. As I stated I’m trying to personally get away from categorizing and telling fellow artists the same……I think I’ve gotten better but we all still need improvement. An artist or band that truly tries to stay original most likely doesn’t want to be compared to their influences/idols rather be themselves but still influenced by said musical idols.

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