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Divine Realm- Nordicity

Divine Realm is a 4 piece instrumental technical metal band from Ontario, Canada.

After hearing the 5 song EP……wow. Especially from a guitarist’s point of view. These guys know how to construct a killer song.  There are actually two previous offerings before this release… EP in 2014 titled “Abyssal Light” and a full length album released in 2016 called “Tectum Argenti”.  I have not heard this band until I was told about these guys and damn, do they play their instruments perfectly.  The guitar work between Leo and Marc is just top notch.  There’s so many beautiful melodies throughout the offering and a couple awesome dual guitar harmonies as well.  The soundscape on the EP is awfully impressive with a couple clean guitar parts that transitioned beautifully, and a couple acoustic sections as well.

There’s so many great guitar parts… temporarily forget about the rhythm section.  The drumming of Josh is not to be put in the background by any means…..not only is he full of fills throughout “Nordicity” he is quite the heavy hitter.  Josh and Tyler are in sync the total album without any doubts whatsoever.  I am extremely impressed with the overall flow of the album, and in general how smooth everything is transitionally and musically as well.

Don’t hesitate…..preorder this EP right meow.  Seriously, I mean it.  If you love bands like Between the Buried & Me, Animals as Leaders and The Human Abstract you will dig Divine Realm.  The guitarists Marc and Leo did a very good job on the production, nothing was drowned out in the mix, I think it was mixed well. Enjoy this music when it comes out Friday March 2nd.

You can preorder the album on iTunes and through their Bandcamp page which you can click on at the bottom of the article.

Divine Realm guitarist Leo Diensthuber had the following to say regarding the new heights Nordicity reaches:

“I feel like out of all our releases, this one reflects us as players more than any other. This is the first release our longtime drummer Josh Ingram has actually played on, and I think people will be blown away by what he brings to each song. Also, a first, Marc Roy recorded/produced the entire EP, aside from post-production which was done by myself. With Tyler Brayton being our producer on Abyssal Light and Tectum Argenti , I feel like passing the torch to Marc cleared his mind to focus on what he really loves to do, which is create music and perform, both of which resulted in a complete cohesion between locking in with Josh’s drum parts and taking the frontline in many sections. I think some of our strongest melodic sensibilities shine through on Nordicity, yet at the same time, I can hear my inner fifteen-year-old self, influenced by Chuck Schuldiner, Marty Friedman and others on parts of my solos/leads. I made the decision on Tectum Argenti to give Marc half the guitar solos, and once again it was the best decision I could have made. Marc’s instinct for melody/phrasing makes for some of the most memorable guitar parts that have ever made it on to a Divine Realm record.”

“As far as the concept behind the title, Nordicity represents a place in our lives annually where our Canadian weather forces us into musical hibernation. The days are short, dark, and we are indoors creating the majority of our work and finessing our craft. I believe this is a parallel that can be drawn with many Canadian bands, especially in Ontario that play similar music. With many instrumental bands (respectively) taking on a more pop approach, I’m happy knowing that we truly created a “Progressive Metal” album once again. We will be releasing singles leading up to March 2nd, stay tuned and get stoked!”

Divine Realm -Nordicity


1. As the Crow Flies

2. Autumn

3. Whitewater

4. Revival

5. Hanging Valleys

Divine Realm – Nordicity

Line-up & Additional credits

Leo Diensthuber – Lead/Rhythm Guitars

Marc Roy – Lead/Rhythm Guitars

Tyler Brayton – Bass Guitar

Josh Ingram – Drums

All songs written by: Leo Diensthuber, Marc Roy, Tyler Bra yton, Josh Ingram

Recorded and Produced by: Marc Roy and Leo Diensthuber

Mastered by: Marc Roy

Nordicity Artwork by: David Journeaux

-This is first release produced entirely by guitarist Marc Roy, secondary production help by guitarist Leo Diensthuber.

-Ernie Ball Music Man family artist sponsored band

– Josh Ingram ’s first official appearance playing all drums (Has played for Vampires Everywhere, recently was drummer for New Years Day on last summer’s Warped Tour)

-Guitar World video premieres from 2014’s Abyssal Light

-Approached directly by Tim Millar at Sheet happens for tab book release for Abyssal Light (owned by Tim Millar / Luke Hoskin of Protest the Hero)

– Worked with Ben Dundas Cinematography to release previous playthrough videos (Intervals work, etc)

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