Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 3-7-19


Hello weirdos! We’re back with another diverse and stellar edition of Try Something New Thursday here at TMR! Enjoy this new batch of music, well if it’s new to you at least. Check out our first few articles of this weekly segment here if you missed any editions yet.


The Arbitrary is a great instrumental progressive metal band with ridiculous guitar playing, drumming and even wilder guitar leads. The melodies this two piece band brings are INSANE. I’ve been following these guys for a few years, and are a great band nobody doesn’t really know of.  If you’re into the modern movement (instrumentally speaking) you’ll most likely definitely dig the Louisiana boys.  Even on the latest EP “Identify” from 2017 they even got a guest guitar spot on the song “Florescent Impulse” from Leo of Divine Realm!  They’re an equally as shredly melodic instrumental band, so if that doesn’t say something…..I don’t know what does.  Check out “Identify” below, and then dive into their 2 previous offerings and familiarize yourself with the band.


Rochester’s melodic black metal outfit Ancalagon is our local spotlight this week, and y’all better prepare yourselves for some great stuff.  Their upcoming album will also be released on vinyl, which I’ll sure as heck grab when it’s officially out.  They’re a nasty, nasty band.  They released a new song last month titled “Glaurung The Golden Basilisk”, and can listen to that monster of a song below.  They also have their full length “Gateway Specter” on hand as well, and can check that one out too.  These guys put on an equally greater show live, don’t miss your chance on checking out Ancalagon!



French tech death freaks Dysmorphic released one of the more artistic and under appreciated releases of 2018 titled “An Illusive Progress”.  Their guitar work is absolutely impressive, as are the rhythms and vocals.  Last year was just an overflowing year of stellar releases in all sorts of metal and progressive albums, unfortunately plenty get lost in the translation.  This year is looking to be equally as crazy, but can’t forget forget stellar releases such has this.  Give this heavy band a try if you wanna change things up a bit.  Here’s “An Illusive Progress” from last year, off of their record label Unique Leader Records.



Time to lasso in a wild instrumentalist.  Zac is a one man band, who brings in guest vocalists occasionally to spice things up.  He’s a damn good guitarist with some great riffs, and even better leads.  He can speed things up, and also slow it down for you all with some of those classic Texas metal grooves.  He’s basically a prodigy in the works, and I don’t think that’s much of a stretch.  Zac has some sweet technical licks up his sleeves, but doesn’t get lost in his talents still giving us spoiled humans some of the tastiest technical metal. He has 5 other releases outside of this one, so you’re gonna have some catching up to do if you don’t know of him.  Check out his latest effort “Effigies” below, and SUPPORT HIM FOR PETES SAKE! That EP was free, but you know music ain’t cheap.  Don’t be a bum and support a quality artist! Check out the latest neck-breaker from Leaser below.


Want a heavy, modernized death metal sound mixed with some thrash metal and symphonic elements? After Life has got you covered! They’re a pretty cool band, and their vocalist is a diverse vocalist who’s got set of pipes like Lauren of Once Human or Angela who used to front Arch Enemy (without the bitchiness and getting pissed at taking photos ordeal).  Don’t be fooled by her beautiful melodic and soothing voice, she’s got a nasty growl too. With only the debut in the books, the band has recently started recording a follow up to 2016’s  “Requiem From The Abyss”.  The guitars are very melodic, heavy and the rhythm section adds to the chaos of After Life.  The drums make their music even more engaging. If the second album is anything like the first album their follow up will turn more heads .  Check out that album below and chew on it for a while.


Here’s a weird and extra kooky progressive band I’ve been into for a few years since their debut “Quiet World”.  They blend that good progressive sound with a much more modern take.  It’s so original YOU JUST HAVE TO LISTEN.  It gets jazzy and poppy all within the same song with some growls mixed in.  There’s some great guitar leads courtesy of mastermind Kee Poh Hock.  It’s just so bizarre you have to listen, and keep an open mind.  Native Construct gives you a more diverse, unusual and funky progressive sound many progressive bands don’t give you.  They’re totally rad, and can check out that album below.  I’m not sure on their current activity, it’s been years since I’ve seen them playing shows and their guitarist has been doing videos teaching guitar.  Ironically, Hock is also working on solo music he began promoting this week.  Check out “Quiet World” and see where Hock’s solo music will take him as well!


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