Prophetic Scourge 2018 Interview




Prophetic Scourge released a killer album this year “Calvary”.  It was a kick ass, groovy and proggy time.  Get to know the band right below and check it out as well!

TMR: What is everyone’s favorite song off “Calvary”?

Hmmm, that’s not an easy question to answer, but probably THE HIEROPHANT –  Bringing Lost Sheep Back To The Fold. It’s the song we spent the most time writing, and it ended up being a great distillation of our various influences. It’s also the song that we sent to KLONOSPHERE for their first listen. We’d already recorded a video for it (check it out on youtube) so it seemed to be a perfect introduction to our music.

TMR: When did the band start writing for “Calvary” and how long did the process take? Were there any difficulties?

I’d say writing started late 2015, the final song was finished just 2 days before the cds were pressed (the outro to THE CULTIST that’s only present on the physical album), so almost two and a half years. The only real difficulty we had is that we all live in different towns, and need to travel 300km for rehersals and writing sessions. As such, progress was made in spurts of intense activity, which in some ways actually helped as it means that we were always completely focused when we worked….

TMR: What shows does Prophetic Scourge have lined up for the rest of the year?

We’ve just returned from a tour of France, Switzerland and Spain, which went perfectly. We were very well received (especially by the Swiss!). We’ve got 3 or 4 shows still to come this year, in Toulouse, Agen and Montpellier. We’re also planning a tour next April, in France again, and probably with gigs in Holland, Belgium and hopefully England. We’re also looking in to the Summer Festivals, though nothing’s confirmed as of yet. 

TMR: Any music prepared for a follow up?

Indeed there is, and it’s going to be awesome! I’d say the second album is about 85% done. The style is the same as CALVARY, with long average song length, complex structures, and a very progressive vibe. I feel we’ve gained a certain level of confidence in our writing, and I fully expect the second album to be a step up in quality all round….

TMR: How and where was “Calvary” recorded? Did you take any different recording or artistic directions compared to your debut EP? 

We recorded Calvary in our rehersal space, with our good friend Xavier Collard and his “travelling” Steel Mind Studio. He’d previously mixed and mastered our debut EP, but we’d done the tracking ourselves. This time round he was involved from the very start of the process, the difference being immediately apparent in the sound of the album.



TMR: What influenced your band name and how did Prophetic Scourge become a band?

We became a band after a previous band called Scars On Mumansk (again awesome band to check out on youtube) split up. Romain and Jon played guitars and drums in it, and had developed a good feeling for each others playing style. They decided to start a new project. Robin had done some filling in for SOM, so they knew they could work well with him. At that point Robin and me (Josh) had been playing together for a while, and he knew I was desperately seeking a new band at the time, so everything fell into place nicely…

Before we chose a band name, the lyrics to 3 songs had already been written (THE CULTIST, THE GOD KING, and THE MAGUS), whose themes were ancient Egypt, ceremonial magic, and spiritual insanity. We brainstormed to those themes and came up with PROPHETIC SCOURGE as sounding like it coherently conveyed our style and themes – which both tend to be somewhat magniloquent. 

TMR: What is the band’s favorite song(s) to play at shows?

Again hard to say, I can’t speak for the others (though I expect THE HIEROPHANT would pop up a couple of times). I’d personally go with THE ALCHEMIST, as I love embodying the characters I wrote for it. 

TMR: Upcoming releases you guys are looking forward to? And what has everyone enjoyed from 2018?

Our favourite releases of 2018 are from Beyond Creation, Aborted and Conan.

TMR: Who got you guys into extreme music and eventually influencing the formation of Prophetic Scourge?

Well my Mum and Dad listen to a huge range of music: from classical, to polyphonic folk, to prog rock, Motown, Stax, and the list goes on (though funnily enough, not metal); so was I raised to be vey open minded about music. Amongst others were Pat Metheny, Jeff Beck and Joe Satriani – I used to love electric guitar, and I remember telling my parents that I liked “the fast music” (I was probably 4 at the time). I was also a huge fan of the cartoon Thundercats, and I don’t know if you’ve listened to the theme song recently, but that shit’s pretty much Speed Metal for kids! 

Later influences were Origin, Limbonic Art, Ulver, Ageless Oblivion, early Panzerchrist (Battalion Beast FTW!), Deicide, and my all time favorite band Krallice! 

TMR: Just under a month of “Calvary” being released how is everyone taking to your new album? I really dig it, and hope it sees more light in the metal community.

Cheers! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it! It’s been pretty well received with mostly positive reviews (and some ragingly enthusiastic ones), and we sold a buttload of digipacks on tour. Obviously not everyone has been on board; a few journalists have not always appreciated the average song length and structure; but that was always going to be unavoidable playing 9 minute long Death Metal songs. Not everyone is in to a progressive approach to songwriting, so fair enough… On the whole though, things are good, and we’re looking forward to a lot more live shows to give people  the full, close-up experience of our music.




Astrolabe The Hermit, The Fool And The Hanged Man Official EP Stream!


Psychedelic Prog Rockers Astrolabe are releasing their upcoming EP “The Hermit, The Fool and The Hanged Man” December 7th.  I have the official stream right here for you guys a few days before it’s release! Marco Minneman recorded the drums for Astrolabe on this EP that brings it to a totally new level. It’s a wild trip through all three songs, all obviously based off tarot cards.  Enjoy this great band and their upcoming offering!

TMR: What’s the meaning behind the name Astrolabe? How did the band form?

Well the Astrolabe is this very ancient piece of equipment that was priorly used to guide yourself with help of the stars and planets. If you were lost at the middle of the sea on the 18th century the stars always showed you your relative position and presumably direction with the help of this instrument. At the time I saw an Astrolabe for the first time, it was on England’s British Museum, and I was in a point of my life that I really felt lost and jaded. When I saw it I realized there were many things in life I still didn’t know, maybe there was some treasure still to be found. So this element really stuck with me, this time this machine worked backwards, it became a sort of a guiding star, so to speak.

The band formed almost two and a half years after this incident, I knew I wanted to make music, so at age 20 I decided to lock myself in a room for a looooong time trying to come up with something different, learning how to play guitar and keys, also singing. When I turned 22 life itself made all the introductions, I wanted to make a band so I began scouting and one day in a Tool cover concert, right around the corner from my house, I met Jim López who already was a great base player. I showed him some of the ideas I had, he really liked them so for the next month we began playing with these. I tried to contact some nationally well known drummers but some had many projects or just didn’t know me. After 15 possible drummers I put an ad on a music equipment page on Facebook and 20 minutes later Cesar Rodas from Symbolic says he’s interested! We began rehearsing that week and it all worked out from then on.

TMR: How did you score the opportunity to have Marco Minneman record drums for your EP? Walk me through this once in a lifetime opportunity!

I’m not even sure myself at this point, I’m very proud about the fact that I try a lot different avenues and I’m very driven but in this case I’m humbled by the fact that it was a lot of luck and good timing and maybe some sort of good willing entity! I found a way to contact him around June of this year, sent him our latest album, told him about the ideas we had and the band and after talking for some days, and then we began scheduling dates to record with him as a guest drummer around July 2018. I cannot stress enough on how professional, neat and proactive this man is. I’m still amazed by it.

TMR: How and why did tarot cards influence your upcoming EP? Describe the lyrics and themes of it all.

The Tarot theme began with the previous record and it felt almost intuitive to keep it around a little longer. There’s a correlation between the meaning of each card and the songs composition as well as in the lyrics. On the Hermit it’s pushed a little bit further: lyrics somehow depict a journey, different phases of a life long evolution, all presented in an ambiguous way like cards and their premonitions would be read when someone is reading your future. All three cards depict different processes of a person’s life that somehow never end, because right when you think you are as wise as a Hermit, you realize – hopefully- that your still the Fool. The Hermit, in our story at least, is a form of death of some sorts of a former self into another metaphysical incarnation. That is why the album ends in a way that allows it to begin a knew like a wave following another.

TMR: Any shows coming up supporting your upcoming release?

Yes, we are at the moment looking at the possibility of playing mainly in Europe on 2019!

TMR: How is it different compared to your previous release?

While we were touring for Shock of the New I began to feel the urge to do something completely different and… Literally fun. That was my main drive, do something that’s fun to listen to as to play it all the way. And these three songs I had been playing with seemed to hold this quality.
This album is in many ways more mature, it has the blend of what we have learned while touring, it represents the person’s we are becoming now. And the presence of having Marco on the record made us to really push ourselves into growing even more. It’s pretty spontaneous, violent and honest from my perspective.

TMR: How did the band get into music? What bands and artists got you going?

We all lived our whole lives around music, our families were already huge music lovers.
In my case one of my uncles, huge influence on my childhood, had around 3000 records in cassette, vinyl and CDs…BEFORE THE INTERNET. At some point I began to think that my family accidentally raised me to love music more than anything.

Some of the bands that got us going were Opeth, Genesis, Mastodon, Steve Hackett, Spinnetta, Steven Wilson and, in some way, Tame Impala.

TMR: What were some of your favorite releases of 2018?

Some of the most interesting records I heard this year where The Sea Within debut album and Haken’s “Vector”. The only record I think I’m looking forward to at the moment is Dream Theater, I’m a fan for life (Systematic chaos was the first record I bought on what the elderly used to call “music stores” ) . I have some hopes on this one.

TMR: Describe the writing process for Astrolabe.

Well, it begins with coming up with some weird cool sounding riffs, try to keep them as complicated and juicy as possible. Then having them in such organized way, and under extreme quality standards, that everything is neatly tied together without any layer of fat between the riffs. Then we begin to add vocals and synths. The longest process is actually making sure that everything is complementary and that there’s only but great riffs, in our opinion, on the song.

TMR: What is everyone’s favorite piece of gear they own? And what do you want?

I love my Schecter Flying V-1, however this record I used a Gibson Les Paul and I’m hooked, it’s just the shape and sound I need so maybe a Les Paul or a 24 fret PRS guitar I saw on a music shop in London a few weeks ago. As for Jim, he is so obsessed with his new Ibanez Multiscale Bass, he only uses it when playing or recording with Astrolabe.

The Hermit, The Fool And The Hanged Man:
1. The Fool
2. The Hanged Man
3. The Hermit

Astrolabe is:

Victor Osorio Jule- Guitars And Vocals
Jim Lopez- Bass
Cesar Rodas- Synth And Keys

Marco Minneman- Drums

  1. The Fool

2. The Hanged Man

3. The Hermit

Mind’s Doors- The Edge Of The World

The Edge of the World cover


Mind’s Doors recently released their progressive melodic rock opus “The Edge Of The World” and it really shreds.  It’s a true prog a thon, with some long tracks and mind blowing compositions.  There are lots of great keyboard parts that bring out their melodic parts more and really create amazing soundscapes.  The guys really wrote a great album won’t get the credit they truly deserve.  If you like classic prog rock and metal mixed in with your shred you’ll love Mind’s Doors.


1. A Warm Nest

2. Hollow Days

3. Koma

4. Sweet Dreams

5. The Light

6. Endless Nights

7. Victoria

8. The Edge of the World




Alberto Abeledo Guitars
César Alcaraz Vocals
Jose Bernabeu Drums
Marcos Beviá Keyboards
Eloy Romero Bass
Mind's Doors official pic
The band’s heavier side gets as loud as Dream Theater or Symphony X, so you old chaps don’t have to worry about any gutturals or blast beats.  The band’s body of work on “The Edge Of The World” is awfully impressive.  It invokes a lot of emotion and many melodic instrumental breaks.  I think these guys and Fractal Cypher would make a great tour combination…….hint, hint.  Cesar’s vocals are very powerful yet can be very calm.  Alberto’s guitars soar throughout this beautiful album and sound even better when Marcos’ keyboards kick in on all the melodic sections.  It’s a very enjoyable album with great flow and lots of energy.  Mind’s Doors are so diverse their voices need to be heard! Check these guys out!

Infinite Nomad premieres debut song “Luminous Throat”


Coma Cluster Void’s Jeanne Strieder and Sylvia Hinz have launched their extra weird microtonal death metal band Infinite Nomad debuting their single “Luminous Throat”.  Accompanying the guitarist and bassist in the band is Lee Fisher and Eeli Helin of the band Fawn Limbs.  This is what I live for….the odd and unusual.  Death metal is such a predictable genre not just CCV but now Infinite Nomad is really trying something totally messed up it’ll make all the normies go back to their mommies with their blankies in hand sobbing like there’s no tomorrow.  There’s no consistency, the track is full of chaos and so much is crammed into the track that is slightly under 3 minutes long.

This will make your average musician or music lover uncomfortable but you know what? I LIVE FOR THAT SHIT! I credit the band for trying something new, weird, and out of the norm.  If this wild, chaotic mashup of music is any indicator I think the metal world is in for one hell of a treat if you’re sick of the same regurgitated styles.  I hope everyone enjoys this killer song, and tries something new.  Thank you to the band for such a sweet ass song!  Cheers mates!


Mordant Rapture release “Unsightly Beast” Playthrough

Mordant Rapture have released a guitar and vocal playthrough of “Unsightly Beast” off their debut EP “The Abnegation”.  First, The Odious Construct release a playthrough and today we get this beast….literally.  The Artisan Era has really spoiled us lately, but in general they do.  These bands are just more proof to their amazing successes they have achieved in such a short period of time as a record label.  Enjoy this ripper and stay tech!

SomewhereOut- Eternity, Infinity



SomewhereOut is a psychedelic progressive rock project by Raul who had guest vocalists on his 5 song EP.  It was released earlier this month on November 2nd. It is kind of metal and djent at points.  It was a fun listen for me because it’s good to hear the emotional side of the genre, and not the tech side.  It has some musical nods in the melodies to classic 1970’s prog artists, and modern day ones as well.  What I liked a lot about it is his guitar was very refreshing….there’s lots of chords and not so many power chords or chugging, if that makes sense for the non musicians.  It’s okay to use full chords and use all the strings on your guitar!  The keyboard/synth is fucking sweet too.  It isn’t Dream Theater or Haken crazy, but it’s done very tastefully.


For a debut EP,  I would definitely recommend this guy’s work to everyone who’s into the older part of the progressive genre than the new wave of bands melting extreme metal and extended range guitars.  It’s very tasteful, as proven by the many solid melodies on both the music and vocalists.  “Eternity, Infinity” is a melancholic EP which is expected in the prog genres (not Steven Wilson depressing incase you needed a measurement).  It doesn’t seem like there’s shows planned or a band in place per say, but I would sure as hell keep an eye on the project for new releases going forward.


Inertia- Teratoma




Happy Thanksgiving loyal web creepers! Buffalo’s fine tech death/prog/experimental trio INERTIA has released a fucking monstrous full length that isn’t Weaponex. Both bands have released my two favorite offerings this year from Buffalo bands and shit is it a treat.  Let’s dive balls deep into this wild album, shall we?


Steve Mcintosh- Vocals

Kahlil Sarikey- Guitars/Bass

Doug Griffith Jr.- Drums

I’ve heard their originals, and never saw the band live until I saw them at the GAWD (Greatness And World Domination) CD release show at the Rockin’ Buffalo.  Holy fuck did they leave a lasting impression.  What I love the most about “Teratoma” is how far they’ve progressed as a band, branching out to realms outside of obnoxious riffs and technical death metal.  There’s a ton of clean sections this time around, and Kahlil’s work can not be understated here.  The guy has some of the prettiest melodic chord progressions, and then sweeps all day like its his job.  I can’t get over how clean he plays, it was a damn treat to see it live at the Rockin’ Buffalo.  As a fellow guitarist, I salute you brother!

Inertia is our local Between the Buried and Me/Contortionist mashup.  I really dig these guys because there’s so much watered down music here, and truthfully in any local music scene and they are far from that.  Inertia defies “another metal band” or “another rock band”.  Their music really shows how hard the trio works at composing their music, and transitioning from track to track.


I’m not the biggest fan of modern metal, but the breakdowns that Inertia throws in are tasteful and totally not focused on them….you know those cool “GET YOUR FUCKING ASS UP ITS THE BREAKDOWN” annoying brocore kids, that annoying shit.  What Inertia is doing is tasteful….and ART.  You can hear all of modern prog metal and a laid back 70’s prog or classic rock all in one track.  Inertia WILL and give you one hell of a musical ride and shit you won’t want to jump off once you’re on.

Griffith’s drumming demands your attention. I loved how wild this guy gets, and then can dial it back playing tasteful fills in their clean jazzy sections. Steve’s wide vocal range is awfully impressive with some real low gutturals and higher shrieks that fits his band’s sound to a tee.  It’s amazing a band of this artistic caliber isn’t known enough around their own area, and hope everyone outside of Buffalo checks out these guys. It wouldn’t be too far fetched to say they could open for BTBAM and The Contortionist on a tour. Yeah, I think these guys are that damn good.  Bands like Inertia are refreshing to someone like me looking for weirder music, and something out of the norm.

Inertia IS hosting a release show in support of “Teratoma” at the Mohawk Place in good ‘ol downtown Buffalo.  $5, $8 day of….come on what reason DO YOU POSSIBLY have to pass up this show? I hope it goes well for the guys, I know I’m gonna make it one way or another.  GO!  It’s November 30th starting around 7pm, featuring ISHKABIBBLE (another local favorite of mine, bassist and drummer instrumental duo they’re wild), Grizzly Run and Allegiant.



Fractal Cypher November 2018 Interview



Fractal Cypher has recently released a new piece of music and I chatted with Vincent and Simon about the album, the band and other various topics.


TMR: Which of your albums do you prefer more and why?


Vincent : It’s a hard question to answer. I’d say neither of them is my favorite. I like every record we did, they are just really different. However, I have to say that we are really more comfortable and confident when performing the new songs. The reason is that we learned how to work together and we wrote and built the songs in a way that everyone feels comfortable so we can use the talent of each band member at its best.


TMR: Where was your band name inspired from?


Vincent : The band name  Fractal Cypher is originally an idea from Simon, the singer and Ludovick the keyboard player and composer. For those who probably don’t know, Fractal  is a term employed most of the time to describe a geometric shape or a design. It’s a geometric form or object that constantly evolves from its initial shape. Cypher means: a secret method of writing to transmit a message or a code. We thought it would be cool to put the two concepts together, which means a repeating secret code that constantly evolves on itself, so it’s finally a message that can never be found.


TMR: Tell everyone how Fractal Cypher came to be.


– Vincent : The band was founded in august 2014 by Simon Lavoie, Ludovick Daoust and Myself. I met Ludovick back in the days at college, we were in the same music program and we were sharing the same musical interest. Few years later I met Simon in a band contest (Canadian final Envol & Macadam contest) in Quebec City. At that time, Ludovick had a few songs written for a few years already and he was looking to form a band with me.  I contacted Simon and asked him if he would be down to be part of it. After listening to the tracks we had at the time, he didn’t hesitate to join us. A few weeks later, old friends of us Steven Cope on drums and Tommy Fradette on bass were joining us as well. That’s how Fractal Cypher is born.


TMR: What attracted you guys to progressive and experimental music?


Vincent : The main reason is probably because our musical influences are very large and diversified. Everyone in the band has a different musical background that touches a lot of different styles. We see progressive metal as a style with no barrier, we can do whatever we want, switch from a style to another, have a  jazzy song and a really heavy/djenty song within the same album and everything have its place. We like it when an album offers a roller coaster effect, something that is nonlinear and interesting to listen to. This is why we decided to tag our music as progressive.


TMR: Describe the writing and recording process for your upcoming release “Prelude To An Impending Outcome”. Did you guys do anything different musically or recording wise this time around? Where was everything recorded?


Simon : We recorded at the studio The Grid in Montreal, with Christian Donaldson and Marco Fréchette. This is the same studio where we recorded “The Human Paradox” in 2016.


Concerning the writing process, we worked the same way we did for our previous album “The Human Paradox”. The main songwriter of the band is Ludovick, the keyboard player. He usually completes the songs in term of structures and melodies and we go over them in band. They evolve to their final stage during this time. The lyrics are composed mainly by Simon, the singer, with a few exceptions where other members of the band contribute.


Compared to our previous album, I’d say this one sounds more how we really sound live. We took care to use our real tone, especially on guitar and bass, when we mixed the album. In terms of songwriting, I’d say the songs are more refined and more mature.



TMR: Favorite song from your upcoming release?


Vincent : I love every song on the record, but I have to say that i like to jam “Coming Back To Life” quite a lot. The guitar solo is really cool to play on this one.


TMR: Does Fractal Cypher have any upcoming shows to support “Prelude To An Impending Outcome”?


Vincent : Yes ! We are going to do a release show on January 11th 2019 at Foufounes Electriques in Montreal. So if you are in that area we hope to see you there !


TMR: How did everyone’s journey as a musician begin and who primarily influenced your craft whether it’s a person or a band?


Simon : This is a complicated question to summarize into a single straight forward answer. We’ve all been attracted into metal music around 15 y/o with old bands such as Iron Maiden, Metallica or Black Sabbath to name a few. Afterwards, we discovered bands such as Children of Bodom, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, Nightwish, Sonata Arctica and so on. Looking at those guys certainly gave us the will to do something similar and grab our first guitar, bass or drum kit. What comes after is only hard work and dedication to the craft, the art and mainly because we love it. It’s too hard to pinpoint one artist who changed everything. We all got influenced by the same artists/bands while growing up and ended up together by a twist of fate, a lucky twist that is.  


TMR: Go into detail please about the album title and ep and what everything means.


Simon : Since it’s a 4 song mini album, the album title doesn’t summarise the overall topic of the songs on the record. We wanted a title that gives a statement about what’s coming next. So, this mini-album is kind of a Prelude to what’s about to come. Also, it keeps to mystery about it. What’s the outcome? We like when things are not too literal and can be interpreted in a great number of ways. So we’d like to say to make it your own. What’s the meaning? You tell us!


  1. Who designed the EP cover? It looks cool!


– Vincent: Thanks, glad you like it! This artwork has been done by Mikio Murakami from Silent Q design. He also did the artwork for our previous album The Human Paradox. The work this guy does is simply amazing, you should definitely check out his site.


TMR: You have 8 hours of driving 4 hours each way. What 5 bands discographies do you choose?


  • Toto
  • Scar Symmetry
  • Pink Floyd
  • Periphery
  • Twelve Foot Ninja


TMR: How did your music video for “From The Above And To The Stars” go? Describe your experience.


Vincent: It’s been a really cool experience but a lot of work ! It was not our first music video so we knew what to expect but you really have to stay focus and patient. The video has been filmed in 2 segments, one day with the full band and another one with Simon only. The first day with the full band took approximately 12 hours to shoot. We filmed every band member one at a time and everyone did 8-10 shots each on a 8 minute song…so that is why it was quite long.  We rented a light kit to create like a space/sci-fi ambience to fit with the theme of the song. It took another 3-4 hours just to install the light kit and set everything, so yeah, it’s been a lot of work but we are really proud of the results!


Astrolabe- The Hermit, The Fool, The Hanged Man



This band totally surprised me and caught me off guard.  After I checked out their upcoming 3 song EP, they got me hooked.  This progressive psychedelic rock band kept me interested with the fact one of my favorite prog drummers Marco Minneman stepped in and recorded the drums on this EP! HOLY SHIT! That isn’t even the best part.  The melodic guitar playing of Victor keeps the music even fresher than it already is.  You have a great psychedelic classic prog rock vibe, with some occasional yelling and shouting here and there to make sure you’re paying attention as well.  It’s a well written EP that is very artistic and tasteful.

Astrolabe has successfully blended many eras, influences and ideas into one wild melodic roller coaster.  Although the songs may be kinda technical and more unusual in comparison to oversaturated commercialized music, that shouldn’t stop anyone from checking out Astrolabe.  The heavy amount of keys, synth and organ tracks really give it the classic prog rock vibe the guys were going for.  The further the EP goes on, the more you musically and artistically understand how hard these guys really worked on this EP.  Not just musically, but the theme and lyrics as well.  This was anything BUT a half assed effort from Astrolabe.  I totally recommend this insane piece of music to anyone looking to try something new, or artistic.  Check out this EP when it’s released December 7th and buy it right away!


Geoff Barone- Acquiescence



Geoff Barone is a local musician from Western New York who writes and records his music as a mutli instrumentalist.  He has a unique sound that propels the listener to multiple galaxies all at the same time.  There is a big operatic and cinematic influence mixed in with some Devin Townsend chunks of past and present.  Acquiescence is a rock opera concept.  And how cool is that album cover? That TOTALLY SCREAMS western new york.  I enjoyed the album because there aren’t many true artists (or maybe I haven’t stumbled upon the right ones) around my area.  Not trying to be kvlt or trve, ya know.  What I’m struggling to say is an artist that not only is a multi instrumentalist and at least mixes their own music, but also dips into many genres and isn’t afraid.  We have so many one genre bands and artists that guys like Barone are a good reminder to hold out hope for those types.  He has plenty of heavier sections, but doesn’t overdo it musically.  He isn’t out to rip your heart out playing at 300 BPM, Geoff is focused on song layering and writing.  There’s acoustics, clean guitar, saxophone and lots of different piano and keyboard tracks.  Even the trumpet makes an appearance towards the end of the album!

He has that knack on not repeating himself musically.  Some bands tend to write the same exact way or stick to a certain formula.  Barone has masterfully put together a solid   album that is so diverse it should see a wider audience.  His prog background makes for a wild trip that occasionally reminds you of the old days of Zappa here and there.  He had plenty of guests make appearances vocally and instrumentally that bring this album to light.  If you’re looking for a fresh prog sound that isn’t extreme, and like a good concept album with some nods to some great artists in the genre…..Geoff Barone is your man for the job.  “Acquiescence” has been out since April and should check out the sales on his bandcamp.  He currently has a deal that includes lyrics, a few bonus tracks and iPhone voice memo recordings of the 16 songs! Oh, and there’s plenty of other albums to check out too don’t you worry. The man is a true musician and artist, don’t be a cheapskate and listen for free.  Try to support the man’s journey, at least.