Arkaik release ripping new single “Wayward Opulence”

Tech death genre pushers Arkaik have released a ripping and different single “Wayward Opulence” off of their upcoming album “Labyrinth Of Hungry Ghosts”. To me it’s different because they are scale based riffers guitar wise, and don’t usually use full chords. Right off the bat the introduction introduces said full chord, not a power chord or quick tremelo riff or super fast lick. They have always changed lineups every release basically, and the last single “Supernal Flame” really excited me. Now in 2022, “Wayward Opulence” is a wild track with a slight curveball. Alex’s guitar work is beyond great, Jared’s voice always sounds stellar and the drumming of Nathan is beyond stellar. What else can you expect? Malcom Pugh has lended hands on bass and its wild to see the Inferi mastermind join a wildy talented band… he a permanent member? Arkaik and Inferi co headline tours? We shall see what the future holds!

It’s impressive for them to push themselves artistically and STILL improve every release with new members (for the most part minus Jared and Nathan whos been in the band since around 2018). I personally love it, and the aforementioned chord sounds a bit dissonant (dissonance is big in death metal). Adding dissonance to technical death metal would be wild and hope there’s more of this Haddad came up with this for the full length. Enjoy the track the album is slated for a March 11th release date on their new record label The Artisan Era.

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