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Wilderun- Epigone

Progressive rock/death metal titans Wilderun are releasing their new album “Epigone” on January 7th and am beyond privileged to listen to it ahead of time. I’m a big Opeth fan and always will be. Mikael’s voice has drained extreme wise, and doesnt have the passion for extreme metal like he does classic prog rock. Wilderun has taken that throne since Opeth’s 100% transition into straight prog, and boy do I love them more than previously imagined. “Veil Of Imagination” was my introduction last year in 2020 which released the previous year. To say I’m new with the band is an understatement but boy is this not only a well written album, but the production is equally as impressive.

“Epigone” is definitely one of 2022’s most anticipated releases and a solid album (possibly their best effort to date) that will be one of the most unique next year. Imperial Triumphant might have something to say about said weirdness next year but do NOT let this album go under your radar. Even if you’re not a prog fan, give this album a shot because they are a band that focuses on soundscape and cinematic elements rather than purposely being technical. I would immediately hire WIlderun to score a movie, without a doubt.

WIlderun has also played 70,000 Tons Of Metal outside of many decently sized venues.

“Epigone” is a very mature output for Wilderun and is similarly executed to the first Opeth album I was introduced to “Ghost Reveries”. The compositions are weirder, and more elegant rather than how heavy “Ghost Reveries” can get at its peak. The vocal and guitar melodies are complimentary to the music and not stuck in there for the heck of it. I know the band is very proud of this release and I am as a fellow artist listening to this opus.

The rhythms are very challenging and change a decent amount of the time, mad compliments to the drumming and bass playing. Yes there are simpler and catchier rhythms on “Epigone” but it’s awesome to see both crazy and pocket rhythms all in one album. The guitar work is equally as expansive switching between distorted and clean guitar. The guitar solos are very melodic, occasionally fast and very emotional. The backing orchestrations and keys make the experience so much more enjoyable, and honestly help create a whole other world for potential listeners.

“Epigone” is a great album title, because it IS epic and it SHOULD NOT be gone I wish I can listen to it for eternity. Don’t hesitate to check this album out when it drops January 7th on Century Media Records. The singles can be heard below, as well as links to social media accounts.

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