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The Sound That Ends Creation is the December Artist Of The Month!

The Sound That Ends Creation is our December Artist Of The Month for 2021 to close out the year! This wild project is so fresh to me, after randomly finding it on Apple Music with the wild title and cover of the latest release “Boomers, Zoomers and Desperate Croomers”. I saw it a week before and simply was like “WTF is this insane piece of music?” and one week later randomly decided to give it a go. We heavily promote unusual, unique music here that generally doesn’t get huge media waves and promotion. TSTEC combines a death metal, jazz, fusion, pop, grindcore and even slightly punk influenced sound into 2 to maybe 4 minute tracks sometimes in the one minute territory. There’s plenty of growls, gutturals, screams and even singing and other vocal styles as well. Everything you can think of possibly exists in the project’s library, heck sometimes even in the same song.

This is such a colorful, talented and insanely unique project that even interests me as much as The Dillinger Escape Plan did (and that’s saying something!). Trust me it’s even whackier than that and am so glad I know of this band now. I’m going to stop spoiling your potential introduction to The Sound That Ends Creation. Wanna check out more of their music? Aren’t you glad you tune in to TMR to see what new music might randomly pop up? Come back daily for a new track from the band on our facebook page linked below. Well, it is as fresh for me as it may be for you so take a ride on the wild side to end 2021!

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