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Brand Of Sacrifice is our 2021 November Artist Of The Month!

Slamming Deathcore-ish Brand Of Sacrifice is TMR’S November Artist Of The Month! A band with death core influences and writing styles doesn’t always tickle my fancy but when it does it really goes hard. BOS has a few full lengths, an EP and a single as well in their short career. Surrounded with great rhythms, vocals, awesome music atmospheres and plenty more ear candy BOS delivers death core on a whole other level. The band started off on the legendary and now more modern Unique Leader Records (traditionally more brutal and the last handful of years modernized their sound and look) to jumpstart their career. They then left the label upon a ton of scrutiny, criticism and a ton of support lost.

It all seemed dead and gone for the band but they pulled through independently releasing quite possibly their best album “Lifeblood” this year in 2021. The single “Enemy” is a real good song too don’t get me wrong but it’s not perfect to overtake a whole album. “Lifeblood” flows from start to finish with important 2 minute transition tracks a few times between songs. That is about where I’m going to stop talking about the band’s sound and let your mind do the rest of the thinking.

Overall this band has worked so hard from the get go, constantly improving their songwriting and basically every aspect of themselves musically. I think this month is a perfect chance to promote a talented up and coming band who did a very selfless thing going independent. Yes, everyone didn’t take it well but they still did what they wanted even if there was plenty of scrutiny. Talent aside, you can’t knock the band for doing and getting what they want. Brand of Sacrifice is such an even more impressive beast now that it’s tough to ignore how bright they currently shine in the extreme metal scene. Stay heavy and stay brutal TMR followers!

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