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Entheos is our October 2021 Artist Of The Month!

Metal’s most underrated and under appreciated duo Entheos is our featured Artist of the month for October! The band recently made that choice earlier this year between vocalist Chaney and drummer Navene, considering they always hire a few artists when they tour. Upon this success, Navene has been playing a lot more guitar and also the duo got their band signed to Metal Blade Records as well! Don’t forget this experimental project had a few independent releases (a full length, an EP and a song released last year) before signing.

I think a good amount of our followers are familiar with Entheos and their progressive/technical/melodic death metal leanings, but have been even branching out further musically as well. The duo is currently writing for their first release as a signed band with Metal Blade and couldn’t be any more excited for this hard working team. If you like your metal different, unusual and unlike the rest (isn’t that what we promote here at TMR?!?) Entheos will be right up your alley. Follow us all month long for their music on our Facebook page, and maybe we will get a taste of new music sooner than later…..

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