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Profanity- Fragments Of Solace

Profanity is releasing their album tomorrow December 4th and this is my first taste of this band with the album “Fragments Of Solace”. What first interested me was the wild guest list of insanely credible extreme metal musicians…..Terrence from Suffocation, Dave Suzuki (Ex Vital Remains) and one of my favorite players/writers in brutal technical death metal Matt Sotelo of Decrepit Birth. One may say acquiring such stellar talents for an album is just to push for money and exposure, but I believe an artist wouldn’t stamp their seal of approval with their name if they didn’t enjoy the music. If you’re a fan of 90’s west coast death metal with a much more technical flare Profanity will be your new flavor of the week for sure.

“Fragments Of Solace” is a very interesting album blending two styles of extreme metal but not leaning too far either way of too brutal or too technical. It’s bound to win over a ton of people (including myself upon hearing the first few singles) on either side of the death metal genre. Upon some research, I found out this band has been around since 1993! How I haven’t stumbled across them until 2020 is beyond me, but better late than never right?

The melodic phrasing on this album is superb along with some serious fret dancing that questions my own guitar playing abilities. There’s a ton of awesome ear candy on this record from the first second you hit play. Great riffs (if you call them riffs, they sound more like guitar solos to a chump like me), awesome rhythms and damn near perfect vocals and drumming if you ask me. “Fragments Of Solace” flows very well and never lets up on the gas pedal, in fact it only gets crazier the further you venture into this opus.

Profanity is definitely one of my favorite finds in this shitty year of 2020 and stands out from the crowd. For a band this good to be unheard of is just mind blowing and can say they are more than a dark horse. There was a serious labor of love put into this album and you can hear it in the music. The abundance of guitar harmonies and duals on this album is mind blowing, further pushing the envelope. I love bands that push their limits and Profanity really did that with this album. Don’t forget to check out the whole album as my friend Austin Weber of Metal Injection premiered the whole thing a few days ago.

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