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Astrolabe is December’s Artist Of The Month!

Progressive rock band Astrolabe is December 2020’s Artist Of The Month! With the last few month’s showcases being pretty heavy, I figured I’d step back and introduce something much weirder and odd. I’ve helped the band on a few occasions (most recently with their full length “Death: An Ode To Life” that came out last month).

They are a very unique, unusual and interesting band to listen to. The melodic, heavy, progressive and heavily layered sections keep your ears engaged. I honestly believe there are no dull moments with the band and with every release they gain more momentum, topping its previous release.

I’ll be posting some Astrolabe daily on our facebook page so don’t just look at the TMR page check out the band’s as well! They’ll definitely scratch that itch for your 70’s and 80’s experimental prog rock and then some, trust me.

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