Death Metal

The Beast Of Nod is up to something.

Technical Death Metal outfit The Beast Of Nod is working on something really interesting. It seems to have something to do with outer spaces, new species and a whole plethora of sci fi infused insanity. If you are familiar with the band members and band, does this shock you? The guys love dorky stuff and what they’re cooking up in tandem with their upcoming full length is pretty wild looking.

It seems to have something to do with a company called NEMO(Near Earth Monitoring Organization). It looks really fun and can only guess where they will be going with this idea from what has been shared. Basically they are a team of scientists studying new species based on artifacts and information, updating us all on their progress in the next few months. If you’re curious about extraterrestrial life or The Beast Of Nod in general you can signup for the NEMO mailing list on their website. Maybe there really IS life on other planets after all! Or there’s just random muscular rhinoceros yielding laser swords, WHO KNOWS?!?

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