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Spectrum Of Delusion- Neoconception

One of extreme metal’s best kept secrets Spectrum Of Delusion is releasing their highly impressive sophomore release “Neoconception” tomorrow September 11th. The debut “Esoteric Entity” from 2017 roped me in with their impressive technicality, but also the ability to write great melody while not going Archspire style overboard. This time around, the guys honed that in 100 times better and with even better songwriting. SOD crammed a lot into the 13 song effort with not many tracks going past the 4 minute mark (a few around 4:30 to over 5 minutes) . If you aren’t really a tech death junkie and want something written well minus the showboating, SOD will make you think twice. Trust me you’ll want to give them a chance if the genre isn’t your thing and it flows really, really well from one song to the next.

They also have a ridiculously awesome sense of humor that isn’t always found in many metal bands.

The band statement about this great release is as follows:

“Neoconception quite literally and figuratively stands for the start of something new. Story-wise, we don’t want to reveal too much. People should have fun reading the lyrics, listening to the voice acting, and piecing all the information together themselves. To shed a little light on the story though, it is about the experience of a person whose reality suddenly turns defunct, the world events that follow, and the person in question’s journey of dealing with it.”

It’s also great to see music with meaning and a real theme, rather than the same old stereotypes in certain genres of music. Sometimes it gets old and it’s real refreshing to see bands think outside the box of what’s expected of them. Bands that also offer vague lyrical themes and ideas for the listener to come up with their own conclusion is very cool to me, because we all see things very differently. It’s kind of boring when it’s so obvious it doesn’t really need to be explained, unless its brutal death metal then you know what the subject matter is right away!

“Neoconception” puts the Netherlands lads in a very mature spot and is definitely quite a surprise for the year. A lot of great bands tend to ride off the wave of an impressive debut and sometimes gets rocky afterwards, but Spectrum improved upon that tenfold with this basically perfect sophomore release. The guitar riffs are so thought out and impressively melodic (considering how complex their music is), a great set of vocals and awesome varied rhythms always leave you guessing where the guys will take your ears to next.

They’re at least on the right record label to push for their success on the tech infused Artisan Era. One of the scene’s biggest underdogs delivers a powerful and masterful release tomorrow and I highly beg you to support the band. If you can’t buy anything at least stream the shit out of “Neoconception”. There’s a lot of bands going “tech” these days but not many past modern greats Beyond Creation and Obscura are all there composition wise. If Spectrum Of Delusion’s songwriting and style doesn’t falter the next few releases, I would personally put them on a similar level as the two mentioned bands. I’m totally not saying that to garner attention, they’re just THAT good. Enjoy this great album folks!

You can stream the album on the label’s youtube channel linked below. There are links on the band’s Facebook page as well to order something if you can.

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