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Turning Virtue- Beautiful

One of Buffalo’s best kept secrets prog rockers Turning Virtue is releasing their landmark album “Beautiful” tomorrow September 4th.  The band came back onto the local music scene with a vengeance with “A Temporary Human Experience” in 2016.  There were previous incarnations in the 1990’s and ATHE was the band’s musical revival.  That album introduced me to their music, and well I hate to say such a great album be crushed by something even better.  “Beautiful” is an album that exactly means that, and also in an ironic term.  It does have the classic TV beautiful melodies, but more melancholy tones (musically and lyrically).  Believe it or not, it gets fairly heavy at times rivaling “Theody” even surpassing it.  Frontman Davey K.’s sister makes some guest vocal appearances and really adds some great vocal variety to the album.


“Beautiful” sees even more new or different things this time around.  It’s a bit heavy, needless to say.  There’s some Gorguts/Opeth inspired dissonance that made me smile from one ear to another.  The band gets equally heavy as Mastodon’s “Blood Mountain” era (without the growls, obviously) and the metalhead inside me loved how different every song is.  The ying and yang play on this album is really, really cool.  As stated before it does have some beautiful and bright moments musically and lyrically.  It has some positive and uplifting lyrics that make you think about life’s good moments and events.  Then, the ironic other half (the melancholic songs and lyrics) rounds out the emotions of “Beautiful” with some good ‘ol sadness.  Those two mixed together give you Western New York’s best release in the bastardized year of 2020.

I really, really vibe with this album more than 2016’s “A Temporary Human Experience”. They’re two totally different albums with different meanings but a bunch of these surprises really tickled my fancy.  TV got a bit heavy at times, it’s just as emotional and moody as their previous work and the production (the team was Tim Palmer mixing and Andy VanDette mastering the album) is perfect as expected with such a prolific team.  It’s not easy to create a great sound and Turning Virtue is releasing an album that will appeal to a lot of different fans of many genres.   It is much more different than some of their work and “different” is exactly what we love.  There were many great surprises and personally think it’s their best work as far as I’m concerned.  Head over to the band’s website to grab a CD, t-shirt or even both!


I’ll be live with frontman Dave K. tomorrow evening at 8PM EST on Facebook live on the TV Facebook page (link is in the beginning of this article).  We will be discussing the album, band and our happenings.  The album will be played in full, and we will talk about every song on the band’s release.  We hope you enjoy the album, and tune in tomorrow evening for a few drinks with the both of us! Hopefully you can make the event tomorrow night!

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