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Cytotoxin- Nuklearth

Cytotoxin is prepared to release their fourth devastating release “Nuklearth” upon us in a few days on August 21st.  Some people love them, some don’t and that’s expected.  Not everyone can get into every band or understands their radioactive and gas mask “gimmick” (if that’s what you want to call it).  What you can get down with is this album is their most polished and ridiculous release in their 10 year existence.  What’s lost these days is the heaviness with some of the tech bands.

With Deeds of Flesh basically done (working on new music that was left behind by Erik) and Decrepit Birth still hanging around, brutal technical death metal is kind of wavering.  Cytotoxin slightly changed their focus from their normal complex arrangements to a slightly toned down version with a lot more emphasis on rhythm.  Is that bad or good?  That is for the listener to decide but I absolutely love it to be honest with you.

Sebastian’s voice is one of the best parts of this release and really drops the nuke, so to say.  His lows got a lot lower, and hot damn does it slap.  The vocalist is stereotypically the face of the band and should be a powerful figure.  I just have to say I think it’s one of the best vocal performances of the year.  If there was a different vocalist, it wouldn’t sound as brutal and Grihm really shined on “Nukelearth”.


Dare I say Cytotoxin is slowly morphing themselves into Beneath The Massacre’s younger brother?  Combining ripping riffs, groove, brutality, luscious guitar leads and thunderous drumming and bass the guys are making quite a name for themselves.  Unique Leader has had a lot of stellar releases this year and is quite impressive considering the COVID-19 situation.

What else can be said about a great up and coming band in Cytotoxin?  The world isn’t ready for their best effort just yet, and 2020 has proved to be a whacky ass year for humanity.  I find it wildly fitting that Cytotoxin drops this monstrous release on mankind and will absolutely devastate everything in it’s path.

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