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Incantation- Sect Of Vile Divinities

One of death metal’s most historic and glorified bands Incantation is releasing another album this coming Friday August 21st “Sect Of Vile Divinities”.  What more can you expect from this doom influenced death metal? Their 11th full length release in their 30+ year history is a great banger, sludgy as ever and still shows the old dogs still have plenty of tricks up their sleeves.  I love all sorts of death metal and it’s great to see some of the genre’s best put out stellar releases, and not slow down by any means.  Its groovy, pumps out great riffs (and yes even some guitar melodies!) and Mcentee’s vocals are as fresh as they have been.

2017’s “Profane Nexus” was a good return to form for the genre greats, but was a bit too slow for me.  Some parts kinda dragged on longer than they should have, but for the most part was a pretty good release.  “Sect Of Vile Divinities” really picks up the pace and it’s also a quicker album than we normally get from Incantation.  The varied rhythm makes for a more interesting album in that area, rather than the mid to slower tempos we normally get from the guys.



After seeing the promo magically appear in my e-mail I just absolutely had to lunge at the chance to promote their new album before it’s release day.  I’m honored to have done  that and for the old school fans this will definitely make you proud.  The drums and bass are insanely powerful as expected, and I truthfully believe there weren’t any dull moments on this album.  It definitely flows better in comparison to the previous release “Profane Nexus”.  Incantation has a formula and they generally stick to it with some tweaks here and there.  I’m just glad a great death metal band as themselves are still around and making killer music (at a high rate and not declining, nonetheless).

Then comes the stereotypical question… it their best? Gosh no, the first handful of releases are death metal glory! I hate cliches and generally try to stray away from them as much as possible. But I will say this: “Sect Of Vile Divinities” is the best newer release Incantation has put out with that dirty, grimy style production they have on just about every album.  Bands like Devourment have that dirty, raw and natural production that makes them unique.  The production is a part of their sound and I think the same goes for Incantation.  It’s a raw album from a raw band and all the OSDM freaks are gonna enjoy this awesome release from death metal royalty.  With so many great releases this year and even more to come, this won’t be lost in translation anywhere at all.  Death metal legends Incantation have once again given us another impressive release in their glorified history.


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