Official Premiere Of Thoren “Gorthad”

Instrumental progressive death metal project Thoren is releasing their track “Gorthad” from their upcoming release “Gwarth II” which will be out on February 7th through Drylands.  Ever since we started promoting this project, we’ve seen the band grow as artists tremendously.  This quick, furious and odd song will prove how much music is crammed into a short 2:18!  Returning to reclaim their righteous drum thrones are Alex Cohen (Malignancy, ex- Pyrrhon) and Kenny Growhowksi (Imperial Triumphant).  Cohen is the drummer used for this song and does he ever fit it like a glove.  Both drummers are great and a fan of their past and previous bands, and totally different in their own ways.

thoren 2018 for print ORIG

If you dig that unconventional, avant garde style metal without vocals you will love this group.  Just like the last album “Gwarth I”, this upcoming release marks the end of this two album cycle.  Both releases have a black metal sound added to them and makes their sound even more diverse than it already was.  You can preorder their upcoming album and listen to their previous works as well here.  Enjoy the song!

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