Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 1-2-20

Well here’s our first edition of TSNT of 2020! We want to thank every one of our followers for keeping the faith in us as we launch into a new decade and year, furthering our goals as a trusted (and smart alac) music source!  Check out last year’s articles before moving forward, if you choose to do so.


Subnuba is super new to me, I just listened to their 2018 release “Distant Pixels” this week actually.  This is as fresh as it gets for a suggestion, right?  They’re a prog band with some melodic and atmospheric nodes, and kinda knock on the door of death metal a bit.  The growls are pretty great, and the guys are actually launching a new song tomorrow!  If you were cool, you’d search for it tomorrow.  If this band is up your ally you can listen to that album below!


This band really, really rips hard.  They are a tasteful technical death metal band, and if you need any more convincing they’re Canadian (hot spot for tech/prog bands) AND their second release was mixed and mastered by HANNES GROSSMAN (who also did the drums for the album!)!  And the further I dove into the self titled release I more I understood a high profile drummer stamped his name on this band.  There’s mind blowing guitar leads, awesome riffs and sweet rhythms.  The gutturals are in the sweet spot in the middle and annunciated pretty well may I add.  Check out this great group below! They groove……hard.


Since The Native Construct has been officially put to rest after a few years of inactivity, their great guitarist went out on his own releasing a stellar EP last year “Atma”.  He’s a melodic guitarist with great phrasing.  His EP is a proggy, djenty trip with great melody and a whole ton of other styles to boot.  I was a big fan of his playing but his own music is just as whacky and diverse as TNC was in their short time as a band.  Trust me, you will love his playing…..he is a real mature guitarist, give that EP a listen below!

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