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January’s Artist Of The Month Is Decomposition Of Entrails!

Russia brings some fine brutality and with a new year upon us I figure I would start out the year with a serious bang.  DOE is one of my favorite brutal bands right now and the latest disgusting album “Abnormality” strongly showcases why.  The vocals are great, consistent and super energetic.   DOE is a great band that deserves more recognition and a constant evolving threat in the community.  They are also housed on one of my favorite labels for brutal death metal and slamming brutal death metal…..Realityfade Records!


If you’re not familiar with our monthly promotion, we choose a band of preferably smaller status to share their music on our Facebook page.  We share one song per day to help gain traction for said smaller bands hoping our followers connect with the artists or bands we choose.  Decomposition Of Entrails is one of many great bands on that record label and we hope you check in on our page for one song every day this month!  Stay brutal!

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