Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 12-26-19

This is our last edition before the new year that will be 2020! Enjoy these bands before we launch into a new decade next week! There are a ton more artists to check out before moving forward with today’s article.


This new project recently surfaced with a teaser video from the debut release “Nightmares Of Our Own Design”.  Bassist mastermind Alex Weber (Exist, Wait) is the forefront of this new musical adventure.  The release features Anup Sastry (drums), Charlie Eron (keyboards) and Matt Rossa (guitars).  While there isn’t a full song released YET, you can enjoy the teaser video below as a small preview of what to expect.  Alex’s bands are phenomenal in their own way, and Svengahli won’t be a letdown I guarantee that.  Check out the video below for yourself while we all await a single!



Vampire Squid is very new to me, and ironically released a new song today “Don’t Tap On The Glass”.  I just listened to this group a few days ago, as I’ve seen their album all over the internet.  As I went through it a few times, I saw this morning there was a new single from the guys…..coincidental timing? Either way, they’re pretty nasty.  They have a prog style with some death/grind elements that keep you focused.  If you’re interested in the Squid, you can check out the single below!



Tauk is very new to me, like under a week new.  These guys have a 4 piece instrumental/prog/fusion/jam band setup.  These guys are right up our alley and dig their style more and more.  You can check out last year’s release “Shapeshifter 2: Outbreak” below for some musical wizardry!

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