Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 12-19-19

Compared to last week’s jazz influenced edition, this week’s is heavier and more tech if you’re into that style!  Let’s dive right in and don’t forget to check out our previous articles because you may just miss a cool band or artist!


Artisan Era newcomers Aronious have a symphonic/blackened death metal sound, which is a slightly different change in comparison to the vast majority of the record label’s roster (mainly technical death metal, but they’ve added some different bands lately including these guys!).  Their latest single “Delusions Of Superiority” just dropped with their upcoming album “Perspicacity” scheduled to release March 13th 2020.  If you like a little bit to your tech, Aronious has you covered.  Check out the fresh slamming single below!



Progressive death metal newcomers Sutrah are also freshly signed to The Artisan Era ironically!  These guys released a modern masterpiece to start of their career “Dunes” and we can only hope it gets repressed by their new home.  If you like that classic Gorguts avant-garde weirdness and experimental side to your progressive death metal, you’ll be excited for their TAE debut “Aletheia” for sure!   The band released a teaser of that upcoming release and you’ll also get a link to that monster debut “Dunes” as well! Canada bring out some of the best progressive and technical bands…..yet again.  Enjoy these monstrous musicians who are vastly overlooked!



Onto the stupidly heavy choice this week!  The British Slammers are just absolutely ridiculous.  The gutturals, the pounding drums…..nasty slams and groovy riffs are extremely addicting.  VOD bring no bullshit and 100% brutality. They are one of the better bands in the game now and crank the living hell out of their tunes below!

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