Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 10-31-19

Uh….it’s Halloween? Whatevs.  Enjoy some new tunes that hopefully don’t scare you away, because we want you coming back every week… it’s all treats here.  We have a lot of versions of our weekly article that includes lots of bands you may not know.  Enjoy the new (if they’re new to you) bands!


Viscera is a new band releasing their debut album in 2020 and recently debuted their first song.  It’s a mish mash of a lot of sounds…’s slightly modern, it’s very groovy, technical at a few points and down right heavy.  Viscera appeals to a lot of different crowds in the death metal worlds.  Keep an eye out for their debut album next year through Unique Leader Records.  For now enjoy “Lamb To The Slaughter”!



Oh hey, another new band!  Modern Prog Metal group Lost in Static released their debut song as well last Friday,  If you like djent and Periphery rhythms, you’ll dig this new band.  There’s a ton of gnarly rhythms in “Feel Alive” and there is plenty more to come for sure.  I’m definitely interested in the rest of their debut album which releases eventually.  I can’t find a date yet, but pay attention to the Facebook link above for updates.  Enjoy the track!



Melodic Death Metal group Immanifest is releasing their album “Macrobial” November 8th on The Artisan Era.  It’s quite the changeup for a label that focuses generally on Technical and Symphonic Death Metal.  This band has put out three ripping singles including my favorite of the three “Wandjina”.  You can check out the other two songs before the album drops in a few weeks.  Enjoy!


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