Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 10-24-19


Here are some new bands for you all to check out!  Be honest, have you been enjoying our series? If you are, go deeper into the archives and check out some older articles from earlier in the year!  If not….then you must know every band in existence. Right?


This band is pretty wild.  Progressive Death Metal act Monochromatic Black released their debut album earlier in the year in May.  Their sound is really cool, beginning with the vocalist Tanya who has a great voice.  But has a ridiculously nasty guttural, literally having a beautiful and beast like part to that voice of hers.  The guitar riffs are really varied of a lot of styles, with some clean and ambient sections mixed in.  “Pneuma” is a great release from start to finish, and quite an impressive release for a debut.  Listen to that banger below!


Progressive Rock trio The Mute Gods is a newer project consisting of Nikki Beggs, Marco Minneman and Roger King.  Let me tell you….if that prog star power doesn’t tickle you, then something is wrong with you.  They put out their third album “Atheists And Believers” earlier this year in March.  Alex Lifeson of RUSH also makes a guest guitar solo appearance on the album.  Do you really need any more convincing? Well if you do, here’s a few tracks from the new album.  Enjoy!




Anthropic is one of Buffalo’s longest standing extreme metal bands right now.  If you love a death metal edge to your grindcore, you should check out one of our heaviest bands.  They are local legends to our scene, and shit they’re heading out of the city on a tour in November! Anthropic does extreme metal right, with a nasty edge.  You can check out the band’s 2018 full length “Tatanka” below!

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