Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 7-18-19

We are back with another edition of the most annoying weekly feature! Hopefully you enjoyed last week’s diverse selection of bands, maybe this week’s will rival it? Check out our past suggestions here before proceeding.


Everlasting Spew Records has been signing some ridiculously good bands and this band is no exception.  It’s a ridiculously brutal band with some technical flare to keep things interesting.  The guys recently released “The Obvious Lure” and it’s a very good album.  Demiurgon has only been around since 2015, and as their sophomore release this definitely is their finest work in their short existence.  Check it out below!


India’s Melodic Death Metal newcomers Ragnhild released a cool debut record “Tavern Tales” this year.  Don’t judge a book by it’s cover….they have a unique, interesting style that stands out from a good amount of new melodeath.  The album artwork is really, really awesome to boot.  And no, they’re not an Amon Amarth rip off band.  In fact, it’s probably better than what AA has become (unfortunately that great band has gone stale).   Check out their debut album below if you like some melody with your death metal!


Two hotspots I have grown very fond for since starting the site is Indonesia and India.  Both countries have a stellar background in new and promising bands.  India on the other hand is more than just death metal….there’s a stellar prog scene.  Rainburn proves that theory correct with last year’s release “Insignify”.  The band found a way to keep your attention without drifting off into 20 minute obscurities (the only knock on prog, also if you’re not a constant listener it can bore you quickly).  Their melodies are great and the singing is equally as impressive.  It’s such a good debut album I’m sure it will change your mind about progressive rock if you’re not totally sold on it.  Check it out below!

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