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Rainburn- Insignify


Indian Prog Rockers Rainburn have recently put out their album “Insignify” November 7th.  I love the melody Rainburn brings to the table.  Their sound is refreshing because there are some cool technical parts, and some laid back ones that remind me of the prog masters Porcupine Tree.  Rainburn have definitely outdone themselves with “Insignify” and am very eager to hear what they will write in the future.  There’s even a song on the album that is like an acapella! It’s a really cool album for sure.


 Vats Iyengar – lead vocals, guitar
 Praveen Kumar – drums
 Ravi Nair – bass guitar/ vocals
 Paraj Kumar Singh – guitar/ vocals (live member)
“Insignify” is a serious emotional roller coaster.  Rainburn really put a lot of emotion and heart into their music for this album.  It’s awfully creepy at times, and then it’s a bit upbeat at some points….it’s wild.  Vats, Praveen and  Ravi have created some odd yet beautiful songs that stick with you.  It’s great to see unsigned bands putting out quality music, as many people know you can’t really write what you want most of the time when you’re signed to a record company.  When you’re independent, you have that freedom and Rainburn have composed a great album in “Insignify”.  Check out a few tracks from the album below.

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