Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 6-6-19

We are back with another edition of Try Something New Thursday! If you haven’t read our other articles check out previous editions here before you advance and check out some more new bands.  Enjoy this week’s batch of bands!


This awesome brutal death metal band forced their way into my library (especially recently) with their latest banger “Abnormality” which just dropped within the last week.  It’s so heavy, brutal, and just disgustingly nasty.  The vocals are great with wilder riffing.  It’s a brutal death metal fan’s dream, with vocals you can kind of understand! It barely clocks in at a half hour, so it forces you to listen again and again (like me this past week!).   Check out that banger below, and while you’re at it check out the rest of their impressive library.


This Canadian Technical Death Metal band has been on my radar since their EP “Graceless” dropped.  Their impressive blend of precision, technicality, groove and heaviness is beyond fathomable.  They’re as wild as most bands that claim to be technical, but aren’t too overboard that it loses any sort of feeling.  They’re a great up and coming band and that masterful EP should convince you.  They’re also going across their country with notable support from another great band Anomalism!  Check out “Graceless” below! Quite impressive for a debut, eh?




Maybe you know of this great instrumental band, maybe you don’t.  The guys only have one EP out and it’s absolutely perfect.  Great prog melodies, structures and some modern djent riffs thrown in for good measure.  Just when I thought they were donezo, there’s been random updates of a follow up album to their debut “Meridian” released all the way back in 2014.  I’m super anxious to know they’re alive and working on new music.  Check out this awesome EP below while we await new tunes.  They did open for Between The Buried & Me at one point after all.



Rochester’s instrumental djenters Divinex are one of my favorite bands where I live.  Their guitar melodies, riffs, rhythms are so great……well, everything.  It’s catchy and there’s great track layering.  The band works hard playing a lot of shows and have been making plenty of rounds opening up for many great bands like Angel Vivaldi (who makes a guest guitar solo on their latest album “Create.Affect.Repeat”), Sarah Longfield and Felix Martin.  There’s a reason I chose the trio as our artist of the month last year….and their addicting tunes should drag you right in.  They’re working on new music here and there, but you can check out that full length below.

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