Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 3-14-19

Hello people! If you haven’t checked out our past editions of this weekly column you can do so right here.  We’re gonna be jumping around today with all kinds of sounds and  genres, so fasten your seatbelt! Enjoy the tunes were dropping on you earthlings! Or at least try to, for our sake….okay?


Start this Thursday evening off with something light, melodic and atmospheric.  The Indiana 4 piece (and bigger live) instrumental jazz/fusion/ambient band has meshed together so many sounds you can’t really staple them to something musically.  These guys have layered their songs so nicely with the biggest and also most subtle arrangements possible you’ll be pleased ear to ear.  I dig this band because of their expansive sound and willing to experiment outside of jazz and fusion.  There’s funk, xylophone, bongos, horns and brass, synth, violin and a ton more different instruments that are involved in Inner Urge.  Want some more? They also have some weird sections from classic prog artists like King Crimson and band mastermind Robert Fripp, and some psychedelic sections too.  They’re just a really, really diverse band with a really cool sound.  Check out their latest album below.


Chicago’s funky melodic progressive rockers District 97 have been promoting a live album recently. I caught these guys opening up a few years ago for Pain Of Salvation who they went on tour with.  Their vocalist Leslie is an absolute monster on the microphone, with a great range and energetic personality.  Some sweet guitar work and rhythms are a huge staple for the band as well.  It’s an expansive and more diverse sound than some prog bands, considering there’s more than keyboards to it.  There’s all sorts of strings (cello shows itself here and there), some brass and tambourine as well.  They caught my attention with their wildly appealing and broad set, showing the experimental world they’re not a one trick pony.  Check out a few of their songs below and keep up with their success.  They even played on Cruise To The Edge a few years ago! And they even covered a King Crimson song at one point too, which is pretty sweet.  Check ’em out!





Time for the heavy shit! A sweet surprise from the Netherlands Spectrum Of Delusion brings a tastier take to technical death metal.  The fretless bass is an absolute staple to the band’s sound like Beyond Creation. The band’s guitar work is beyond phenomenal, and vocalist Douwe is a legitimate beast fronting the group.  Check out their album “Esoteric Entity” below and tell me you’re not convinced of their talents.  I DARE YOU TO LISTEN!


Today’s local highlight features an instrumental progressive/fusion/jam band from Buffalo.  These guys released their dynamic debut album in January that I absolutely love and you all should too.  Their sweet guitar work is extremely versed, wild and entertaining.  Lots of cool duals and great rhythms, and even some tasty bass licks.  These guys rip hard, and if you want to listen to something different they’re a definitely great option.  Break your old habits and TRY SOMETHING NEW, EH???? Check out the full length below, then buy it so the tortoises can keep living in their forest okay?



You think I’d let you all go that easily? Here’s another heavier band to wake you guys up, incase you thought we went soft this week.  Xenosis made my 2018 best of list for obvious reasons and should listen to them right now.  The guys bring a progressive death metal sound that’s a bit more unique than others in the genre.  While there’s a lot of cool guitar licks and fun rhythms, their wild sound doesn’t give up too much in the groove department.  There’s lots of headbanging rhythms that’ll make you want to start a pit at your desk at work. Check out their under rated album “Devour And Birth” below, and then make your way backwards in their library to their two previous releases.

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