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Misery Index- Rituals Of Power

Man oh man, did Misery Index put out yet another great extreme metal release.  Baltimore’s death/metal grind act will blow your minds, once again. I kinda feel like Misery Index is a great death metal/grind band that is not on enough people’s radars, and gets passed on a lot.  These guys have consistently been putting out great releases since well…..their existence as a band.  The band has released a few singles before its official released day today March 8th…..“New Salem”, “Rituals Of Power”, and “The Choir Insivisible”.  Dive into those three great tracks while I yap about how under appreciated these cats are.

My time knowing the band has been short since the 2014 headbanger “Killing Gods” but I sure as heck dig them.  Legendary drummer Adam Jarvis is the glue that keeps this great band grooving for years and years.  As predicted, he’s a top highlight in the band’s new release.  The speeds are so varied you need to be on your game, and just listening to these songs tires me…..IF i could drum.

Here’s a playthrough of the title track if you’re not convinced of how amazing Adam Jarvis is.


Jason Netherton’s bass playing is absolutely perfect along side Jarvis, oh and let’s talk about his voice.  I love consistency in gutturals…..Jason has that.  His voice is basically perfect for extreme metal.  His mid ranged growl isn’t too low, and isn’t that high at all.  I think these two musicians are huge vocal points for the sound of Misery Index……Adam’s energetic, powerful drumming and Jason’s painful gutturals bring this band’s songs to LIFE.



Jason Netherton – Bass & Vocals
Adam Jarvis – Drums
Mark Kloeppel – Guitar & Vocals
Darin Morris – Guitar
Mark and Darin are an absolute deadly combination on guitars.  They added a bit more melody on their riffs this time around, and have concocted a few stellar leads on as well. The dynamics this band have are pretty mind blowing…..and the guitar duo certainly only adds a whole shit ton of flavor to “Rituals Of Power”.
Again, Misery Index puts out really consistent albums.  Their driving rhythms, intensity and aggression are not matched by many.  It’s about time these guys got serious respect among the extreme metal scene, and “Rituals Of Power” should do that.  The album will awaken people, open their minds and also clean out the wax that’s in your ears.  Misery Index rips and should be enjoyed by all of mankind.

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