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Wounds Self Titled EP

Chicago based technical death metal group Wounds recently released their self titled EP and since I’ve seen it in many places on the deep dark web…..I think its time to promote it.  After seeing some people share it around and even more in groups…..I think it’s a perfect time to listen to this beast a few times through.  Yeah….it’s a beast.  The Warforged guys were one of the first I saw the link for Wounds, and then more people starting promoting the band.  Let me tell you, it was worth checking out to say the least.  They have enough technicality to keep your ears entertained, but are laid back enough to where they just rip some serious groove.  It’s quite a ride!


Red “David Lee Roth” Beard- Vocals
Rick Mora- Guitar
Franco Caballero- Bass
Nate Burgard-  Drums

The drums are absolutely powerful, and as up front as could be in the mix without dominating it too much.  Nate’s fills are so sweet they never get old and as I type this is my 3rd time through they’re as nasty as they were the first listen!  The vocals have a great mix of all 3 low mid and high ranges, very impressive.  The string work on both guitar and bass are absolutely brutally devastating.  The riffs are so disgusting, but get tech enough to where Rick isn’t repeating the same style and pattern to the point it bores you.  His riffs are varied and tasty, NOT repetitive and bland.  Franco’s bass just adds to the sound attack that is Wounds.

For a new band I just heard about, damn am I impressed.  But looking back and facebook creeping them they were originally called “Wounds Of Ruin” in 2006.  They did play with Dying Fetus in 2012, so there’s their technical metal credentials. Wounds has a massive wall of sound, where I believe they bridge the late 90’s/2000’s tech heads to the newer wave of the 2010 technical metal fans.  And again to repeat, they have enough of it to interest your average metalhead……which is the obvious and very valid complaint of people not into technical metal. Some say its overdone, which is very provable and plausible….there’s some bands I don’t listen to because there isn’t some form of songwriting it’s like its 5 musicians practicing! In this case however, Wounds is NOT in that mix….and have 5 great songs you can check out below.  Keep your ears open and stay tech!

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