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Ceremony Of Silence- Oútis

Ceremony Of Silence is releasing their debut album “Oútis” on April 5th, and have a great  band for you metalheads to check out.  If you’re into blackened death metal with some occasional technical flare you’ll love this band.  The drumming is absolutely bizarre and intense, probably one of my favorite things of this project.  It’s so tight and consistent….gotta love it.  If you wanna check out one song from the upcoming debut, you can right here and start to get a vision of what the band is going for.

This two man band seems to have that energy the younger Behemoth and Belphegor had…..lots of black and death metal mixed in here, not one metal genre necessarily is more prevalent a rather stellar mix.  The vocals are a great mix of both styles, with a consistent guttural but not a true black metal shriek or yelp you tend to hear in black metal.  I gotta say, this band was a KILLER find by Willowtip Records and give them all the credit in the world for this one.  Ceremony Of Silence will go under the radar, but have a great label to promote them for sure.  The guitar work is beyond stellar, with a great variety of speeds that won’t leave you bored or the band’s sound too predictable.


See, the guys even have a similar haunting aura Helmuth of Belphegor does in their promo photos! 


Vilozof – Guitars, Bass & Vocals
Svjatogor – Drums

You can check out the duo’s merch and preorder this fantastic album in different varieties here.  After listening to “Oútis” I’m extra curious on the band’s direction, and of course any more music they’ll eventually release after this smashingly brutal debut.  Will  it just be a studio project? Will they tour and find touring musicians? Will the guys recruit band members? Hopefully we get the full monte, and see this brutal band evolve into something extreme metal needs.

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