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AD PATRES- A Brief Introduction To Human Experiments

AD PATRES is a brutal death metal band who is releasing an absolutely slamming record this Friday February 8th titled “A Brief Introduction To Human Experiments”.  If you wanna check out one stellar track from it, you can do so by listening right here.  These guys are brutal, heavy, sickening and right to the point.  You won’t be introduced to complex, overdone and mind blowing technlaity these guys straight up groove and groove HARD.  That’s what I dig about AD PATRES, they also derive a classic old school death metal sound into their music.  The drumming is absolutely awesome on this record, and keeps the rhythm flowing very nicely.  I love the fills, they’re very tasteful!



Axel Doussaud – Vocals
Pierre-Yves Marani- Guitars
Olivier Bousquet- Guitars
Arnaud Pecoste-  Bass
Alsvid-  Drums

The riffs and leads between Pierre and Olivier are absolutely stellar.  These guys understand and bring the heavy qualities of old school death metal, mixed in with their melodic guitar solos. Ad Patres has this death metal game down to a science, and you peoples of the internet need to listen to their upcoming album! Axel’s voice is so awesome! Yeah…..not only is it consistent, heavy and very stellar YOU CAN UNDERSTAND HIM! I love death metal of all forms, and you just get used to so many different vocal styles…..but on a rare occasion such as this, you can understand the vocalist (or most of the words anyways!)  Cheers to that! Arnaud’s bass is absolutely pummeling, and make this brutal band even heavier.  Check out the band on social media everywhere and preorder this album through their label Xenokorp.

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