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Oblivion- Oblivion

One of my favorite projects of recent memory Oblivion JUST released their 3rd album (self titled) yesterday January 21st and I’m here to say how perfect it is.  The debut album had classical influences, on top of extreme and some technical death metal.  The second (that i’m a pretty big fan of if you ‘member from my 2017 list they crept onto it!) album “The Path Towards” was a step back from classical music, and more straightforward death metal with still some sweet guitar work from Ben (Ex All Shall Perish) and of course perfect drumming from Luis Martinez (Ex Zenith Passage).  With those two guys, you know this band is gonna be extremely entertaining and well….. I think the self titled is possibly their heaviest, most straightforward and obliterating of the three.  It was self funded and released (if you remember they released “The Path Towards” through Unique Leader Records) and the moment I heard “True Awakening” I knew this was gonna be a serious rager.  Inconsistent rhythms beautiful melodic and tasteful lead from the guitar duo of Ben and Ted. The drumming is stellar of course from Martinez and great vocals and rhythm on bass from Nick Vasallo (who adds a sweet black metal shriek on top of his guttural making him really unique).



Nick Vasallo – vocals & bass
Ben Orum – guitar
Ted O’Neill – guitar
Luis Martinez – drums

The theme is pretty obvious the more the album goes on, and that killer album art really sets the tone and mood for the aforementioned theme of self destruction and other positive meanings! I really, really dig this band and for the third offering got even better. Oblivion is a serious force to be reckoned with, and have released my favorite album of this short 3 going on 4 week stretch of 2019 so far.  It’s so, so good.  You can grab a CD, t shirt or hoodie of “Oblivion” still as long as supplies last.  You can also check out this headbanger here and have a good ‘ol time.


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