Best Albums and EP’S of 2017

TMR was founded and started in 2018 which means there’s a bit of catching up to do.  I personally believe there were lots of great releases in 2017 so I won’t be limiting my lists. Here are the best full lengths and EP’S of 2017 in alphabetic order.

Best Full Length Albums of 2017


  1. Al Joseph- All Of Creation
  2. Alluvial- The Deep Longing For Annihilation
  3. Analepsy- Atrocities From Beyond
  4. Angel Vivaldi- Synapse
  5. Arcadea- Arcadea
  6. Arch Echo- Arch Echo
  7. Archspire- Relentless Mutation
  8. Arkaik- Nemethia
  9. Between The Planets- Of Inner Sight
  10. Black Dahlia Murder- Nightbringers
  11. Broken Hope- Mutilated And Assimilated
  12. Chon- Homey
  13. Contortionist- Clairvoyant
  14. Cytotoxin- Gammageddon
  15. Dario Lorina- Death Grip Tribulations
  16. Dark Matter Secret- Perfect World Creation
  17. Decrepit Birth- Axis Mundi
  18. Divinex- Create. Affect. Repeat
  19. Dying Fetus- Wrong One To Fuck With
  20. Dyscarnate- With All Their Might
  21. Echopraxia- Candle Cove
  22. Enslaved- E
  23. Felix Martin- Mechanical Nations
  24. Fractal Universe- Engram Of Decline
  25. Galactic Empire- Galactic Empire
  26. Hideous Divinity- Adveniens
  27. Immolation- Atonement
  28. Inanimate Existence- Underneath A Melting Sky
  29. Incantation- Profane Nexus
  30. Intervals- The Way Forward
  31. Kennedy Veil- Imperium
  32. Last Of Lucy- Ashvattha
  33. Marty Friedman- Wall Of Sound
  34. Mastodon- Emperor Of Sand
  35. Mendel- Oblivion
  36. Ne Obliviscaris- Urn
  37. Nova Collective- The Further Side
  38. NYN- Entropy: Of Chaos And Salt
  39. Oblivion- The Path Towards
  40. Organectomy- Domain Of The Wretched
  41. Pain Of Salvation- In The Passing Light Of Day
  42. Parasitic Ejaculation- Isolation
  43. Persefone- Aathma
  44. Sarah Longfield- Collapse Expand
  45. Scale The Summit- In A World Of Fear
  46. Squatch- Jafar’s Calamari Safari
  47. Steven Wilson- To The Bone
  48. Suffocation- Of The Dark Light
  49. Vinsta- Wiads
  50. Virulent Depravity- Fruit Of The Poisoned Tree
  51. Wintersun- The Forest Seasons


Best EP’S Of 2017

  1. Aborted- Bathos
  2. Among The Sleep- Casket
  3. Cognizance- Ether Of The Void, The Foreboding Impasse (released separately as singles)
  4. Coma Cluster Void- Thoughts From A Stone
  5. Constructs- Shapes
  6. Echopraxia- Pumpkin Palace
  7. Eximpertus- W2246-0526
  8. Ichika- Forn
  9. Incipience- Bloom
  10. Mastodon- Cold Dark Place
  11. Others By No One- Book 1: Dr. Breacher
  12. Scour- Red


Honorable Mentions

  1. Decapitated- Anticult
  2. Act Of Defiance- Old Scars, New Wounds
  3. Fleshkiler- Awaken
  4. Gruesome- Fragments Of Psyche
  5. Narcotic Wasteland- Delirium Tremens
  6. Neck Of The Woods- Passenger
  7. Pestilence- Hadeon
  8. Sons Of Apollo- Psychotic Symphony
  9. The Surrealist- Echo End, Lux, Origami (singles released separately)



2018 Albums To Look Forward To

  1. Obscura
  2. Beyond Creation
  3. Fire Garden
  4. Turning Virtue
  5. Forever In Transit
  6. Between The Buried And Me (technically 2 EP’S)
  7. Alterbeast
  8. Augury
  9. Kataklysm
  10. Ingested
  11. Kamelot
  12. Memoriam
  13. Napalm Death
  14. Rivers Of Nihil
  15. Inferi


As you can see there’s lots of albums I truly enjoyed of many facets this past year.  Way too many solid releases to make a top 30, let alone a top 50 list!  Lots of good extreme metal releases as well. There’s plenty that I’m looking forward to as well that I know of so far to be released in 2018.  Leave your comments, opinions or voices of despair.  Even any releases in 2017 that were great that I did not know of feel free to link anything. Thanks for reading!

As the mighty Archspire says…



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