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Forlorn Seas- Exodus


Modern Progressive Metal Italians Forlorn Seas dropped a banging album today January 11th titled “Exodus” and I am here to digitally (thankfully not literally) sing my praises about this stellar band.  Forlorn Seas meshes a lot of modern sounds, not only some growls but beautiful vocal melodies and harmonies along the way as well.  What I dug about them at first wasn’t the fact they’re not technical, but like modern greats The Ocean Collective they blend a WALL of sound and melody that attacks you all at once every single part of their songs.  There’s some beautiful guitar melodies, mixed in with some growls and those vocal harmonies that are separated so nicely and plugged in at the exact perfect moments.


Alberto Rondin – Vocals
Giovanni Lazzari – Guitar / Back vocals
Alessandro Casagrande – Guitar
Marco Michelotti – Drums
Nicola Guarino – Bass / Back vocals

What the band also brings to the game is a lot of emotion, and it shows in “Exodus”.  They’re not going to woo you with their virtuosity (to an obnoxious extent) like Archspire or Braindrill, but Forlorn Seas have carefully composed every song and layered them so well every song is a different, exciting and memorizing trip.  Grab the album today physically, digitally or even stream it on any platform.  If you want to try a modern prog band and not a classic band from days gone by (ALA Dream Theater or King Crimson) I’d highly suggest to give these guys a shot.  They ARE something different, and something killer as well.

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