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Rise To Fall- Into Zero

Rise To Fall - Into Zero - Cover

Rise To Fall recently released their album “Into Zero”.  The melodic death metal lads have  slightly modernized the metal sub genre that originated out of Sweden (and quickly spread to many neighboring countries).  There’s lots of catchy choruses, great melodies and some pretty great guitar melodies that accompany all of it.  I didn’t know what to expect when I saw a “modern melodic death metal” tag, since music has to be described in one way.  I am into melodeath, and was curious what Rise To Fall sounds like….and was very pleased with my attempt.


Dalay Tarda (Vocals)
Hugo ( Guitars)
Dann ( Guitars)
Javi (Bass)
Txamo (Drums)

The sweet combination of Hugo and Dann really make this band flow really, really well.  Dalay has a great growl, and can reel in his voice on some really get vocal melodies as well…..a diverse vocalist, so to say.  In a world where many metal subgeneres get stale with a repetitive sound, I think Rise To Fall will surprise many people.  They are what In Flames SHOULD BE right now…..but unfortunately aren’t themselves.  Rise To Fall is doing what the genre godfathers currently can’t, and that’s saying a lot.


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